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01:46 PM PST - Tuesday - That is an appealing perspective that emphasizes on a hybrid approach of immediate and long-term prevention, correction, education, outlook, and revolution. We can do the Mark Dice and Prager U thing. Regardless of whether we win or lose to any extent, right now, and in the future, our children, and future generations, will be, as they have been, making their own decisions in going with us and in going against us, both in good and bad ways, both in worse and better directions in regards to all things that life has to offer for better and for worse for humanity and for everything else as well. In business, in marketing, the 80-20 window has been promoted, that we are to spend 80 percent of our time doing what works and 20 percent of the time in doing what may not work, in trying new things, in trying to reinvent ourselves, in expanding, in launching new products, services, etc. We should focus on what we can do with what we do have as opposed to focusing too much on hypothetical ideals. Build your life on original oatmeal, AKA practicality, on objectivity over subjectivity, and keep it going. The biggest threads we face is the thread of tomorrow.

We may not be there tomorrow.

So, what are we leaving behind for future generations to build on? Regardless of what happens to each of us, there is a legacy that others will be building on top of us for better and for worse. We all have things that contribute to society and especially to and for and of our own families and local communities. Each hour is precious. Our time is so valuable. You can build on it for so many reasons. You can choose to invest in people, in the future, in Oatmeal. You can choose to continue in that. I just tried to make a video about this but the audio was dragging. But regardless, I'm writing this. I'm not going to let Japanese subtitles, AKA delayed video audio, stop me from getting this out. Each day, things stop us. We choose whether or not those things really stop us or not.

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02:37 PM - Tuesday - 2019-01-22 - Katelyn Ohashi, a UCLA gymnast, earned a perfect 10 for this epic floor routine. I just watched this on the Facebook of Philip Roper 18 who followed me at 1 PM today. This video is pretty fun. She had fun performing. We all should have more fun performing and she is one hundred percent woman. That's how we make the world better, by doing what we love and in loving what we do like this gymnast and in being one hundred percent male or female or in whatever that we are or should be and become and all that and more haha but seriously and haha but really and haha but totally at the same time haha. What could be better? Work hard and play harder. have fun while working hard and spread the love to those around you like she did.



09:28 PM - Tuesday - 2019-01-22 - College Communism Debate - I am talking to a former Vietnamese student of mine who I met in Vietnam back in like 2013 or 2014 and we had many debates in person. Here is our Facebook conversation debate from today which began as he soon as he sent me a friend request some hours ago. I accepted it. Now here is the dialog as follows. First, Ty Huu Bui wrote, "Too tired, man! Been working for 7 months in a row without a vacation!" I wrote: "Work is the best therapy... but only for those who truly know how to work like a boss in loving what you do and in doing what you love. It does not work so well if you work like a slave haha." Ty replied, "To the best of my knowledge, slavery doesn’t exist in the West any longer, especially in countries like Australia! Perhaps, it is more acceptable if you call it Hard Work instead of Slavery in this particular case. Tar!" I responded, "But what does slavery mean? Is an addiction a form of slavery? Is college debt a form of slavery? If the middle class is abolished, is that not slavery?" Ty: "You can say whatever you want, you can also call it whatever you like, but for me I don’t think Slavery is still in existence any longer in the West. And of course, everyone has to pay to play with regard to the college burdens, unless they don’t need a proper first world-class educational system to get them educated." Me: "you're jealous that you had to pay more money for college than I did." Ty: "I wasn’t by any means. You know what I am jealous of you is the fact that why you haven’t taken any advantage of the US government in terms of the financial aids to advance in your education, your career or particularly your own life???" Me: "you are a fan of welfare which comes from tax dollars of the other people? In other words, you want me to take advantage of myself, assuming that the tax dollars came from my own wallet? And did Bill Gates go to college? Did Steve Jobs go to college? They must be very dumb, right?" Ty: "First of all, you are not any of them as I can recall. Second of all, it is not about the tax dollars that everyone has to pay as their fair shares for running a community, a society or a country, yet it is about our mutual commitments to build a better place for the next generations."That means you do love Vietnam because that is what your government would say when the yellow police take money from Vietnamese people on the side of the streets in Vietnam each day and the same thing with the green police going door to door all over Vietnam as well, because like they say, it is all about mutual commitments, and yet you said you would not go back to Vietnam, and yet Vietnam does exactly what you seem to love so much, and yet you said you will not or may not return to Vietnam, and yet Vietnam does that thing, that same exact thing that you are trying to promote to me right now, talk about a paradox, talk about hypocrisy, talk about irony, talk about a contradiction, and you do sound just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AKA Sandy haha."

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09:45 PM - Tuesday - 2019-01-22 - I continued: "do you want to help them? Then help them. But why are you going to yell at and force me to help them? I have no freedom? That means you love slavery because you want to force me to pay taxes to help other people? It means you hate charity. It means you hate churches and other groups and organizations that try to help people without the aid of government money which is stolen from citizens. Long ago, there were no taxes in America in the 1800's. The taxes were only the tariffs on imports, the goods, the products, coming into America. Well, a lot of things happened in the 1900's including that thing in 1913 and 1933 and other years that began destroying America. For over a century, people have been destroying America from the inside-out. I returned to America to try to stop that. I am trying to save my country from over a century of being corrupted inside the government, corporatism, monopolism, tyranny, plutocracy, etc."

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Unschooling vs. Homeschooling?

01:07 PM PST LMS JA - Thursday - 2019-01-24 - January 24th - Do Kids Need School? Inside the 'Unschooling' Movement - Reason TV - in this video, they talked about how public education has been making people stupid, generally speaking, for decades, especially after the 1960's in the USA, specifically. Homeschool and Unschool are not both the same thing, specifically speaking. Generally, they are both not public schooling. I was homeschooled in Oregon where I was born in 1985. My mom homeschooled me and my 3 siblings in the 80's and 90's. There are many reasons why people should go to homeschool or alternative schools. On top of that, there are also reason why people and especially kids should NOT go to to public schools and maybe even colleges. I was an English Teacher in Vietnam for 5 years from 2012-2017 and have seen similar trends and problems related to education, to these things, in Vietnam as well. I am pushing myself to try make more videos and articles and memes and many different things related to these topics, these things, to let people know more about pros and cons and everything concerning these matters. You can join in the fun if you are interested. I was happy to see this video. I was first scared to watch the video because I already KNOW that I like homeschool. So, I was asking myself why I would watch a video if I already know the ending. Well, maybe I didn't know the ending or maybe it was still fun to watch and worth the journey and the details are very interesting. I am thinking of trying to work at an alternative school as a teacher or something.

Adaptive Oatmeal

Regardless of whether kids go to school or not, they are learning all the time. You can invest more time into kids, no matter who you are, generally speaking, regardless of whether the kids attend public schools or not. Different kids learn at different speeds, levels, in different ways. Kids grow up to become different people, adults. So, they should be encouraged towards self-discovery and self-teaching and self-motivation and everything. They should be trained towards vocational studies, apprenticeships, gradually, slowly, more and more as they get older, according to their potential careers, things that they are interested in. It is tough to always make kids learn isolated subjects like math for example. It is better to learn many subjects in the context of real-life goals, jobs, tasks, desires, careers, problems, situations, etc. When kids get older, yeah, some can compartmentalize more and more to study a specific isolated topic like math that lacks real-life problems or history without application or science without observation, etc, etc.

06:20 PM - Thursday - 2019-01-24 - the 24th of January of 2019 - Highway bike Adventure - around 3 PM, I rode my bicycle 2.1 miles from my house near the airport in Shelton, WA, down the highway, to Fred Meyers. Dropped off a postcard in order to get some proof of address. Rode to the DMV and they said they only accept official things as a proof of address when a person is applying for a identification document (I.D.). She gave me a list of things they accept. I rode by a park which I love. Also drove by trailer homes which reminds me of Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel Air and of myself, a native of a ghetto in Oregon. I should maybe live in a trailer park again to connect with people like me and then rent them out to people. I asked somebody for directions and this college student man advice not to go down the hiking trail but then I did. I eventually made it an additional 2.2 miles to the library to get a library card. I looked around and saw that they have a great book by the name of "The Killing of Uncle Sam." Check out your Reading Rainbow library and see what they have. I looked at the movies and everything and saw generic things. I then rode down by a school and then almost under a bridge. Turned around off that W West Franklin Street and over a discontinued railroad and then down W Railroad Ave to the 101 highway, which was about 1.5 miles including the turning around off the wrong road. I the rode 1.8 miles down that highway and back to Fred Meyers to look for some medicine and some tea for mom. Then rode 2.1 miles back home. That is a total of 9.7 miles. It was probably close to ten miles if you include everything. I need to buy a new peddle and put oil in the bike and a new seat and better bike lights and maybe a few more things. I might as well get a new bike. Got home around 6 PM, took a shower. I'm eating steak and potatoes. Hope and pray my mother gets well soon. I saw a karate place and also saw Planned Parenthood near the DMV behind McDonald's. Saw at the library that they are having a people' version or town hall version of the State of the Union Address that the USA Presidents give each year, historically.

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