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2018-12-11 - Tuesday - Alex Jones Banned From His Own Trial - NPC EDITION -

Shut Up.

That NPC cop told him to zip it. That Alpha Male Bear responded, "So, Google's Not Evil?" That 1984 Chinese Thought Control Police Officer bobbled, "I'm not saying that." The Gay Frog snapped, "He's taking my free speech away... He has lied about me. So, I need to stand up to him... They're going to talk about me in this committee. I will be talked about. So, what am I supposed to do? I don't get a day in court. They lie about me. Google only puts lies up. All the top searches are lies about me and my family. And that guy helps round up political dissidents in China. And then his people come and lie to congress, over and over again, and we don't get to respond to them. Google is helping build censorship systems in China for a global social score, and they test it there to totally control every aspect of our lives. Apple and Tim Cook has said that they want censorship worldwide. They're working with communist China who has killed five times what Hitler did."

Chronology of My Biography

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The problem is not with the left right paradigm but rather the prearranged details, the stereotype, the propaganda, the preset, the fake news, the redefining of what the terms of what left really means and what the right really means. But we have that same problem with all words, all ideas, all things, as we all can define words differently. We should not run away from words because then we will run out of words. Did Trump run away from Fake News? Just two words, Fake News. No, Trump redefined Fake News. Trump got on top of it. We have to get on top of the words. Like Deplorable which Hillary Clinton jumped on. But did 60 million American Deplorables not go on Twitter declaring how Deplorable and MAGA they were? Was that just a dream or did they redefine that Deplorable insult?

The Far Right Thing is another insult. Don’t be afraid of being Far Right. That has no real meaning like racism, etc. Go on the offense to call them Far Left.

At least I’m not Far Left.

They're using the left right thing to divide and conquer us?

Yes and no. Yes because they use that to divide us. But no, too, for two reasons. First, because there is already a divide, a real divide between the two, with the left which represents two different things, what it did mean long ago, classical liberalism, and what it means now, progressive tyranny, the same with the right being what it was long ago, conservatism mixed with probably a few other things, and what the bad people turned the right into, the Rhino Republicans which is actually aligned with the Far Left.

Second, they are already dividing us and they always try to divide us using anything and everything against us, be it the right left thing and be it the gender thing and the race thing and the religion thing and the sex outside of marriage thing and the gender gap thing and the rape culture thing and the fake news thing and the refugee thing and the hate speech thing and the capitalism sucks thing, etc.

We Are Alex Jones Face Masks Christmas Caroling

Get on your Alex Jones Masks and Infowars Shirts.

Go Caroling.

Don’t say anything about Infowars when caroling.

Because that will bother them, “Why were they… wait, why didn’t they ummmmm… say anything about ummm… wait a minute… what’s going on here? What’s Infowars?”

It’s better to get people to want to know.

Rather than just tell them.

Because if you just tell them, then they can shrug it off.
Hey Frank

Yes, “Hey Frank” should be added to shirts, hats, etc.

Why not?

And Oatmeal too.

Treat addictions like dirt. When you see dirt, you can love it. You can hate it. Same thing with addictions. You can dread chores, doing the laundry, the dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, etc. You can have the attitude of loving dirt. Maybe, you'll tolerate it. Maybe, your house will get dirtier and dirtier. If you love the dirt, then you live with the dirt. But that can be a problem.

You can also hate the dirt. You can sweep the floor with the attitude of finality. You can think that maybe the floor will never get dirty ever again. But it gets dirty again and again. Hating the dirt can be a problem because it can emotionally drain you and slowly tear you apart. The same thing with addictions. We can love and hate our habits, addictions, problems. But there are problems with those two extremes.

We think of it in those two things. But what if I told you that there was a third option? Yeah, the third involves a focus on what you love, on the alternatives of the bad choices, addictions. It may involve a hybrid approach of hating the bad and loving the good. But beyond that, and more importantly, we can treat our addictions like dirt. Don't think that you will wash the last dish, take out the last trash bag, sweep the last floor, or even overcome an addiction for the last time.

Instead, view addictions like it is dirt. Understand that your feelings towards sex, food, anger, love, lust, emotion, rage, mad stuff, feelings, desires for power, possessions, for drugs, money, fame, pride of life, etc, is like dirt. And you can guard your heart like it is your floor. Simply, step away. Don't take it too personal. Understand that you need to sweep your heart up each day. It will never end. It is a spiritual chore. That is the third option. It never goes away. But you can deal with it one day at a time. You can do it.

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