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Breaking news.

This is live. You can click here to find the streams on YouTube. Did they kick out Infowars Alex Jones out of that room just for listening? Watch it here on Bitchute. The full show is right there. Click here for the War Room. Why not share that video with your friends?

Erasing Eagles

Banned From Mailing Precious Metals

China Google

Breaking World News

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Platform & Publisher

Can Google be a platform and a publisher at the same time? Would you rather have centralized protection, safety, security, allegedly, administrated from Big Brother, larger monopolies, government, corporations, monopolies, technocracy, and others, or would you rather have freedoms to take care of yourself, your family, your communities, locally, independently, while reducing regulations, taxes, invasion, etc? Is Big Tech violating Fair Use, Safe Harbor, and other laws? What do you know about anti-trust & the DMCA, for example? What do you think about the first amendment? Better yet, what do you think about the 4th amendment?

Benjamin Franklin Freedom From God

Chronology of My Biography

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Have Cake & Eat It, Too?

Can Facebook be a publisher and a platform? Was the CIA behind the creation of websites like Facebook and Google? What was Google doing in China? These are some of the questions we may have on all of this. I've written many articles on this. So, what can we do? Can we tell Trump about this at Can we get involved in the Infowars Army? We must continue to fight against global control freaks while we still can. They're trying to eat the golden gooses that lay golden eggs. We are the golden gooses. Don't let the evil people murder you and me and others.

alex jones

Tracking Technology

Antennas - AI - Attacking Websites - Beam Me Up Microwave - Cars - Censorship - Check - Coma - Computers - Copyright - Floppy - Freos - Geoengineering - Ham Radio - IBM - Infowars - Mana - OS - Steem - Steemit - Technocracy - Transhumanism - Twitter - Web Browsers - Selling Means Ownership - Undeletable

Put on the Yellow Jackets like the French did.

Vote Brexit like the Englishmen did. Vote Trump like the Americans did. Do what they did in Brazil in 2018. Do what they did in Spain. Stay active. Ask good questions. Continue hammering out the truth. The fake news will continue to scream, "Stop the hammering." Don't stop. Run. Keep running. Run faster. Continue to spread the truth. Be creative.

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Working Websites

My favorite sites include(s) Answers In Genesis (AIG) - Crowder - Daily Beast - Daily Caller - Dnews - Dr Berg - Drudge - Eagle - Freedom Press - Freedom Toons - Free Geek - Hagmann - Infowars - Infowars Army Forum - Intelli Hub - Lionel Media - Lisa Haven - Mark Dice - Michael Savage - Milo - Natural News - News Wars - Rebel Media - RSBN - Tommy Robinson - Veritas - Wiki Leaks - WND - etc.

Think outside the box.

When more people know, better things can happen. Be the Oatmeal that you want to eat. Merry Christmas. Revolutions has occurred in history with just 4% of the people. Sometimes less. Over 10% of people are aware of so much, in many countries around the world. With the birth of the United States of America (USA), it was as low as one percent. So, we are living in revolutionary times. But don't take that for granted. If you know what is at stake, then share the articles, the videos. Find ways to introduce truth to new people. Find funny ways to bring it up. Use music. Use cartoons. Use memes. Use anything and everything. Keep it going. Don't Google when you can Gaggle.