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The Blue Wave is Flooding

Over The Southern Mexico Borders, Right Now, Today, Friday, the 19th of October, 2018. First, the Left has been kicking off thousands of patriots off Social Networks, Like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, PayPal, Microsoft, etc, so we can't warn people about the invasion. Then they escalate the invasion. You can watch the live RT video streams. I just saw it on Info Wars a few minutes ago on Bitchute. Tens of thousands of people, under the direction of United Nations (UN), are flooding the borders of Mexico. They're marching towards the borders of the United States of northern America (USA).

Watch Live Now: America Outraged By Illegal Immigrant Invasion Heading to Border


They're coming to vote Democrat!

They're coming to expand Sanctuary Cities, to Eat Up Jobs, Welfare, which raises taxes, crime, etc, and Sharia Law is spreading as well, etc, etc. Why? Because, you know, in order to Destroy America From The Inside Out Like a Trojan Horse, worse than Europe, if we don't stop it. We gotta come together more so now or else. It is like the Fall of Rome all over again. If we lose, we Fall Back to the Dark Age or possibly the Stone Age.

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I was put on timeout when I told people about the invasion in a YouTube live stream by Golden State Times on the video about LIVE: President Donald Trump URGENT Speech at Roundtable on Defense in Arizona by a moderator named Carolyn Hall who told me just to stop fearmongering and to just pray that Soros die. She didn't want me to talk about real solutions to solving real problems. She just wanted me to shut up and become a NPC maybe? I hope I'm mistaken about that. But NPC is big.

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Trump White House Call 2024561414 or 2022243121 Screenshot at 2018-10-19 15:35:49.png

Call People: Raise Awareness

Call the White House at 202-456-1414
Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121

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Anyone else think this is a positive for republicans? Meaning the timing of it and midterms? Just saying it’s interesting and doesn’t help democrats

Totally. Still, we gotta stop the Caravans to avoid falling like Rome fell centuries ago in similar fashion.

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Upvoted. Thanks. Nevada is not forgotten.

The swamp, people like Wacky Jacky, writes you off if you live outside Democratic Plantation Sanctuary Cities, like Las Vegas, NV, USA, for example. Vote for Dean.

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I'm on a Sea Food Diet.

I see food and I eat it. Better yet, I'm on a Sea Freedom Diet. I'm on a Sea Food For Thought Diet.

Sea Food Diet See Food N Eat It Dp-Lvm8U8AAfaiT.jpeg

Halloween vs Socialism.

Will you go out as Trump or as Bernie Sanders? Have fun with your costumes. Will you take away candy from other trick or treaters to redistribute to kids at home or will you encourage competition, free markets, hard work?

Halloween Bernie Sanders Socialism Take Candy to non trick or treaters xlarge.jpeg

Invasion vs Immigration

Invasion vs Immigration Dp-JGV4XcAEIbpM.jpeg

howdy Oatmeal! This is such an obvious attempt to influence the mid terms, I hope people see it for what it is.

Agreed, it is pretty bad.

@joeyarnoldvn, go and place your daily vote for Steem on netcoins!

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