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Seeds of Life.

What kind of future do we want for our babies? What kind of person will this baby be in 33 years from now? Opportunity lies there, invisible, yet available for you and for me. It takes gradual steps to get there. What kind of future do we want for our children? Kanye West said that some people are not sick with disorders, diseases, sicknesses, like ADD, ADHD, bipolar, which doctors said Kanye had. Actually, they turned around and said Kanye needed more sleep. "How much experience did Kanye have before Kanye became Kanye, an artist, designer, entrepreneur, etc? How much experience did Trump have at being President before Trump was President," Scott Adams, of Dilbert comics, asked. We can do a lot more in life than we think we can. We can and do break out of mental prisons.

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Integrated Education

For school, we need to integrate education with arts, music, sports, vocational training, gradually, said Kanye, today. We need less taxes, more jobs, more freedoms, less government, less welfare, more competition, better prison reform to help convicts find jobs as opposed to finding trouble all over again which then leads to them getting locked up.

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very sensible post with a cute baby's photograph...

howdy there Oatmeal! wow sir I wonder too. I mean as fast as things are changing now, I have not idea what they could be like in 30 years!
Will we still be here and living in a peaceful earth?

That baby is me, so we kind of know the future of this baby as I am him.

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