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Don't short circuit, yet.

Ramona called, she wants her dress back. WALL-E called, he wants his chips back. Funny nerd jokes. Get it, chips, as in computer chips, potato chips, paint chips, pun intended. Are Smart Phones and 5G killing us?

1989 Small Wonder Tiffany PDX Zoo Autograph oh-1.png

The Oregon Zoo

My first memory of ever being at a zoo might have been this one time when we were at the zoo in Portland, OR in maybe 1989 when I was only 4 years old. I like elephants. We rode in the small trains. Love gardens, forest, animals, cats.

1989 Small Wonder Tiffany PDX Zoo Autograph oh-2.png

Small Wonder

From 1985-1989, this comedy science fiction television show focused on the robot daughter of the family, not Data from Star Trek: Next Generation, and not ALF, a weird cat-eating dog alien who was almost as weird as an android would be, but rather it starred not Siri or Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) or even worse, Facebook, but rather, the Voice Input Child Identicant (VICI or Vicki), played by Tiffany Michelle Brissette.

1989 Small Wonder Tiffany PDX Zoo Autograph.jpg


We got Tiffany's autograph at the zoo probably in 89. It's no small wonder that Katie and Ricky got pictures with her, and that is pretty cool, I guess, rolling my eyes, just kidding. She went on to study law or to be a nurse or something.


There are so many shows that I had completely forgotten about. Back then we had to have something to do while home sick from school.

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