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Spontaneous Singing.

Jeff Wirth recorded me, out of nowhere, at Ungar Furs, as I invented a new song with my guitar, impromptu, on the spot, on that one day in like April of 2009 in Portland (PDX), Oregon (OR), USA like a week after being in Long Beach, California (CA), with Salvation Army Long Beach Corps Youth Pastor Musician Filmmaker Lincoln Hawk, Chris Toy, Luke Rocheleau.

Back Story

I was born in 1985 in Forest Grove, OR. I moved into my younger sister's (Crystal) apartment on the first or the 10th of October of 2008. Probably on a Friday or close to it. My sister moved out of that apartment, room number 414 at 523 SW 13th avenue street, Alder Housing Apartments, Portland, OR 97205. I moved in & lived there until June of 2010. So, this Animals Are Dying song just came randomly one day while I was helping a friend, Jeanine, learn guitar or something. She lived in an apartment room across the hall from me. She was in her like 40's. She had a trumpet or something. Maybe she just wanted me to go out with her because she didn't want to go alone or she wanted somebody to talk to. So, we were sitting near the wall of that Ungar Fur store or something.

Game Of Thrones

Eventually, the protest people started coming after we came. And she started talking to them and may have told them that I could sing something. So, they were like oh really. So, Jeff Wirth got out his phone to record my song. And I just decided to like bust out a random unrehearsed song. That is basically the story behind the song. After that, I probably went home. Was only there for a minutes or so. About a month later, Jeff probably uploaded the video to YouTube in like the end of May of 2009. Then I got a copy somehow and uploaded it to my YouTube channel L4OJ and also JSAPogDog. I've filmed myself singing this song a few times since then. I'm planning to make an even version of it someday.


Animals Are Dying Song

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Jeff Wirth

2009-05-26 - Tuesday - PDX - Jeff Wirth - YouTube
01:20 minutes - 395 views - 123 views on L4OJ

Animals Are Still Dying

2009-07-08 - Wednesday - JSAPogDog
01:19 minutes - 146 views

Original Oatmeal (Ori O)

Free Style Version - Apartment, Binh Thanh, Saigon, Vietnam
2013-08-05 - Monday - Original Oatmeal - YT
19:57 minutes - YouTube (YT)

Christmas Animals

2013-12-29 - Sunday - District 12 - Cafe
01:00 minute - Saigon

Original Oatmeal

2014-01-18 - Saturday - Original Oatmeal - YT
19:57 minutes - YouTube (YT)

Soundtrack to Animals Are Dying

2014-01-18 - Saturday - Original Oatmeal - YT

Timeline Map

2009-05-26 - Tuesday - PDX - Jeff Wirth - YouTube
2009-07-08 - Wednesday - JSAPogDog
2013-08-05 - Monday - Binh Thanh, HCM
2013-12-29 - Sunday - District 12 - Cafe
2014-01-18 - Saturday - Q.1 Fellowship Youth Group, HCM
2018-12-05 - Wednesday - 03:25 PM LMS - Animals Are Dying
Published at 07:41 PM Wednesday

Animals Are Dying

On YouTube, on my Original Oatmeal (Ori O) video channel, I wrote the following into the descriptions of my videos, at around 2014-01-18, the following, around that year, 2014, around January, on the eighteen, the 18th, that first month, that 1st month, by me, Joseph Scott Arnold Rasp Morehead Mitchell Pickett Henderson Vanderbyl Hocking of 1985 Oregon: the following description remained in other videos I uploaded to YouTube (YT) probably for that whole year if not longer: it includes my address for that time in Vietnam:

Ori O
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My name is Joey Arnold, The Original Oatmeal
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Alex Jones Stole My Birthday

alex jones aj ja

I was born 6 AM PST apx Monday the 11th of February 1985. I will be 30 years old in the year of 2015, just in time for Back In The Future's flying skateboards. I was born in a small Maple Syrup doctor's clinic or Tualitin Hospital in Forest Grove (city) of Oregon (OR or Ore. state) of the United States of northern America for Americans. That is the USA. Oregon is above and north of California and south and below the North Pole, Canada, and Washington State. I grew up in the manufactured Rose Grove mobile home trailer park ghetto neighborhood crib community 3839 Pacific Avenue Ave Space Unit Spot Place Lot Number # 163, of Forest Grove, OR USA. I lived 7 houses from space 170 where Michael and Tiffany Rochell Cumbo and Don Cumbo lived. I met and started falling in love with Tiff when I was 5 years old when i first met her in the year 1990, but she died in 2003. I wanted to marry in 1993 when I was 8 as I was dreaming of traveling the world as the next Michael Jackson and the next Michael Jordan and Steven Spielberg, black, tall, in the NBA, making films, being a motivational speaker, being married to Tiffany, having 25 children, eating oatmeal, having oatmeal babies, making oatmeal popular around the world, inventing, designing, and doing many things to make the world a better place.

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I was born to my mother M&M Marilyn Maryland Mars Mommy Mom Ma modem Kathleen Kathy Karen Cats Morehead Hunter Arnold Rasp Cunningham Mitchell Pickett Pickell Pickel Picket Smith Roseburg Seattle Tacoma Shelton Long Beach Washington State Beaverton Forest Grove Oregon Texas fertility Arnold Bible Herb Xanga Restore Main Street L4OJ OjaWall Bumbaloe GYJO Get Your Joy On singer writer Cornelius Hillsboro United States Obama love trust Bush politics.

I was also born to my father dad papa man old senor Don Donny Donatello turtles Donald Melvin Rasp Arnold Goldhill Roseburg Umpqua Jim Jimmy Williams basketball drunk beer drink Portland alcohol landscaper Steve Jensen Jenson athlete basketball player baller drugs women Oregon Washington New York glasses Holland Amsterdam Netherlands Canada.

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My older sister is Katie Jean Arnold of Portland PDX and New York City NYC.

My one and only older brother is Richard Rick Ricky Rocky smart man Schuyler Arnold Rasp of Oregon and now Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: airplane engineer.

My last but not least younger sister is Crystal Ann Orphan Annie Arnold.

at home bathroom 2009

I was known as Joe Cool, as in Cool Kid, as in Ghetto Joe, Oatmeal Joe, Oatmeal Joey, the Thief in the Night.Before tweeting and Twitter was famous, back around 2003, I was known as Tweety for my hops on the court of the game of basketball.

I was home school.

I am a founder of Mea Omnia.



Animals Are Dying


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2009-09-03 - Thursday - 04:44 PM - Blogspot

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Joey Arnold's Dog
Joey Arnold has a dog.

You want to meet my dog.

Not to be confused with the black one.
1990: age five: Blacky, or Charlie, was lost to me.
But that dog is not this dog.

This dog eats.
And eats, and eats.

This journal is all about that.
That is what!
What is up.

Or what is coming up.
Post Log 9/03/2009 04:44:00 PM


Running a Mile

2009-03-23 - Monday - 02:08 PM - Blogspot - Food Blog

Long Beach Trip

I was probably in Long Beach, California for seven to nine days near the end of March and/or the beginning of April of 2009.


2009-04-09 - Thursday - 07:57 PM - Blogspot

2009-04-03 - Friday - Lady In Red - Screenshot at 2019-11-07 21:53:19.png

Lady in Red

2009-04-03 - Friday - 05:40 PM - Blogspot


Get Your Joy On: I think this has something to do with L4 Care, too.


Lady in RED

Posted by Joey Arnoldat 5:40 PM

This may have been the day this video bit, Lady in Red, by Luke, Lincoln Hawk, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, was made. I know it was made around March or April of 2009 in Long Beach, California.

2009-11-22 - 10:00 PM - 22nd of November of 2009 - YouTube Lady Gaga Poker Face Cover Video - Ojawall - Screenshot at 2019-11-30 16:21:54.png


2009-11-22 - 10:00 PM - 22nd of November of 2009

John H.


Nov 22, 2009

Re: Lady Gaga - Poker Face:

Author: ojawall Keywords:

Lady Gaga Poker Face Pop R..


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