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Watch the snow flake from the Soros Sky.

As Jeff Flake FLAKES like corn flakes, like frosted flakes, as the left melts like the snow flakes that they really are alongside dinosaur media, will George Soros be able to buy up Pew Die Pie or other YouTube celebrities, podcasters, and get them to sell their soul to the Devil, not for publicity, not for becoming famous like rock stars would, but simply for money? People are trying to get you to sell your soul to them, even as anti-social SOCIAL networks, like Facebook, and news networks, like CNN, dies, decays, more and more.

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In It To Win It? What's Next?

Who's going to be the next U.S. President after Trump in six years from now, in January of 2025? People need to start right now in preparing for that, in continuing in draining swamps, in reducing government. We don't have to narrow down future presidential candidates down to one right now and competition is better as they compete against each other. Never Trumpers are waiting it out. The left are trying to undo everything Trump did and does. That is the plan, whether Trump is out right now or in six years. They're trying to stop Trump each day. They're trying to kill him, or whatever it takes. Many people will vote for Trump in 2020. But what are we going to do in 2024? Will we let them take it all back from us in 2024? We are making history as we get involved.

Yes We Can?

But at the same time, we got to do what we can each day in preparing to run then and now in different races for different positions. We got to vote and be involved right now in 2018. We got to be part of the Info Wars Army or in our own armies In Real Life (IRL).

That's the question in regards to our future.

On a side note, Steemit's Hard Fork (HF) 20 seems to be a step in the right direction because running websites can be expensive and HF20 introduced Resource Credits (RC) which has been attempting to price ACTIONS on this Steem blockchain which helps strengthen Steem as it grows, allegedly. We don't want the servers, the Witnesses, the infrastructure, to forget the RC ROCKS and be built on too much sand, do we?

Yeah, I Get It

I'm trying to sympathize and empathize with those who are not happy with HF20 as new users may not get enough RC when they first join Steem. They ask for more free stuff like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, & other giant, main stream, social networks, have gave, freely, and yet not really freely, like with strings attached. In some ways, big tech gave us welfare.

Don't Get Too Complacent

Ask @Stefan.Molyneux about welfare. You know, welfare can be a form of socialism, of communism, and it can disable people. It makes people lazy. Instead, we should promote free markets. If new users don't have enough RC or SP, then send them more money, more SP, more RC, yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world. Become their employer. That is how it should work. However, yeah, it can be tough to get new users to stick with a new social network like Steemit, if they can only comment once a week or whatever the numbers may be.

Keep the Snow Hard!

The good news is that Steemit has competition, that is other websites, other social networks, like Gab, Minds, Bitchute, Real Video, Dlive, and others, and we can all try our best, and maybe Steemit will continue to do better than the other places. But if not, then, either we try again and again to make Steemit great again, or we migrate to the other places. Competition, not money, makes the world go around.

Working Hard

Currently, I can comment maybe around 200 or so times a day based off how much SP I have, which is 211 SP right now according to and the prices seen there. Have been cleaning my room the past few days, if not longer. Have been going through a lot of family history files, papers, photos, family trees, things related to me, my family, parents, friends, churches, and many different things. I've been going through dozens of boxes this past week, or this past year in general. I've been sharing some of it online this year. By the way, money is a tool.

1996-11-18 Do Screenshot at 2018-09-29 00:54:20.png

Snowball Joey | YouTube

It's snowing secret contracts. Here is a video, below, on YouTube, Facebook, Gab, Minds, Bitchute, Real Video, & Dlive, which I just uploaded yesterday, which my brother filmed of me back when I was eleven years old. It was from the 18th to the 20th of November of 1996, almost 22 years ago, back in and around our house, space 163, in Rose Grove, Forest Grove, Oregon, USA, which is where we were raised.

Childhood Video

In this video, you can see me singing and playing with a duck and with Jimmy Cricket Ninja, a stuff animal which I won in an almost completely girls dancing contest on Easter Day back in like 1992 on the basketball court at our park, near our house. In the video, you can see me dancing around my snowman in the front yard. Rick filmed all around the house. At the end of the video, you see me fighting like a Billy Breaker, the blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

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Really snow flake

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New Cereal, Liberal Tear Flakes: this is reminds me that Alex Jones was in Austin, Texas, in September 2018, like yesterday, at a public Hate-Alex event. He came, sat down, and they tried to escort him out. At that public meeting, in a tent, they lied about him. So he had a blow horn. The answer to 1984 is 1776. The police went to talk to him. Alex said America is awake. We all can do what Alex does online and more importantly, offline, both in the ghettos, like Facebook, and on the blockchains, the alternative corners of the Internet as well. I'm Oatmeal: 2018-09-30 Sunday 1 PM LMS. If you got this, you are the resistance, and you are Oatmeal!

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