Secret History of South Africa

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Lauren Southern - Farmlands -

This hour-long 2018 documentary film, by Lauren Southern, an independent journalist, begins with a quick history lesson on the history of South Africa. 371 years ago, back in 1647 A.D., two Dutch Cape Colony (VOC) employees were shipwrecked at the Cape for several months in 1647 but were able to obtain fresh water and meat from the natives.

Zombies murder native farmers?


Those VOC sailors sowed vegetables there, returned to Holland to report that the Cape has a potential of being a warehouse & garden to stock passing ships for long voyages, journeys, between Holland & East Indies (India). In 1652, Jan Van Riebeeck established a way station, like a food pantry place.

Melting Pot?

Around this time, Dutch traders imported thousands of slaves from Madagascar, Indonesia, & eastern Africa. Also, former, or retired, VOC members were moving to what became Capetown. Many of the people there began adopting the Dutch language & the Christian religion.

Christianity is fundamental.

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Stefan Molyneux - Slaughtered Farmers

Great Britain

In 1879, there was the Anglo-Zulu War between Great Britain and the Zulu Kingdom. Shaka Zulu was the illegitimate son, born around 1791, was exiled with his mom, but later was able to become the ruler around 1818, which reminds me of what could be the real Lion King of Disney. There were military reform & there were witchdoctors.


The National Party was elected in 1948, the same year Israel gained independence. In 1974, around the end of the Vietnam American war, there was this Mahlabatini Declaration of Faith or peace treaty thing that was signed and started. It was all about the Obama Redistribution (AKA Communism) of wealth, power, equality, in the name of European Diversity, allegedly it seems. There was a bill of rights.


Over 200,000 refugees, allegedly speaking, in 2008, applied for South African Asylum, AKA open borders which Soros has been part of in Europe, America, in many countries around the world for many decades now. Wikipedia fails to mention South African history after 2008. What do you think about SA?

Patriots vs Globalists?

This is a rough draft introduction to wars between Patriots and Globalists as described in the Matrix, Metal Gear, & especially Assassin's Creed. Soros, Divide & Conquer.

Katie Hopkins - Stefan Molyneux - Ugly Diversity

Secret History of South Africa

2018-06-26 - Wednesday - 12:00 AM LMS - Secret History of South Africa
Written by me - Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Written on the twenty-fifth of June, 2018
Published at 02:44 AM

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Farmlands - Time Stamps -

50:00 Black Lives Matter (BLM) or I mean Black Lands First (BLF) = Maxine Waters.
40:00 buy guns in America, now, or wait until globalists take them and leave you with only some paintball guns.

World Banks Supports White Genocide?

White Land Expropriation In South Africa

Ernst Roets and Stefan Molyneux


The Boer War and the travesty of Britain's use of the world's first concentration camps for Dutch Christian farmers is the most under-reported war tragedy of all (modern) time.

Most white countries are now refusing the boer people asylum or immigration, and instead giving it to Muslim terrorists who intend more harm than good.

Soros is behind Open Borders in many countries. We can follow the money trails to see people like Soros, Bill Gates, Oprah, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Ford, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and others, funding terrible things. #FreeTommy