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Yes, believe it or not, for the first time since we were kids, we were together at last as an Arnold Island Legacy. I'm Oatmeal Joey, that boy in the glasses, born in 1985 in Oregon. The firstborn, my older sister, is Katie, that girl in the glasses, born in 1980. My brother, Rick, was born in 1982, and Crystal was born in 1990, and we started approaching our early twenties as siblings and started moving out of the ghetto, out of our trailer home in the late 1990's and early 2000's. As seen in these photos, we reunited for the Christmas of 2004 in Portland (PDX), which is the biggest city in Oregon. We also united in 2008.

2004 Arnold Reunion PDX Part B or C-01.png


@joeyarnoldvn that's awesome photos and memories of your childhood and teenage years! Waving a hello~ Sorry I've been away for 2 months, but that's cuz I was without my Macbook and had to fix a hefty lumsum of money before I'm able to utilize my computer including Steemit postings! Hope to see more of your posts and always enjoy feedback on my artwork as well! :) Upvoted to support~

Hello Kat, wow, thanks for coming back and saying hello. Yeah, photos are fun. Yeah, I need to get more RAM for my laptop or something. Yeah, art. Yeah, time to do more art. Upvoted.

Oh how come u need more RAM for your computer? Running out of disk space? Perhaps an alternative is using external hard drive? 😊

I need more RAM to make my laptop run faster like an engine. RAM works with the CPU. The hard drive is all about the size, the space. I have an external 4 TB hard drive and an internal 1 TB hard drive. And 1 TB is about 1,000 GB or a million MB or a billion KB, kila bytes. So, that means, my computer is bigger or I mean more space. I have over 50 GB free at the moment. So, I mostly need more speed, not space.

Ahhh I see, does it also mean u need high speed Internet to pair with faster speed response of your computer hard drive?

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Haha great, strawberry art is the best.

Yeah, girls like to make statements and talk and talk and I like that. Yeah, I love beaches too haha. Yeah, faster Internet and a faster computer can help people go faster in general. You are only as strong as your weakest link and computers can have a weak point which may slow down everything or some of the things you do on computers and stuff.

Highway Computers?

You can think of computers like a bunch of highways, and the smaller streets can slow down the flow of traffic. So, your Internet could be a big highway, but your computer may have some small back alleys, some small streets, or sidewalks haha.

Hard Fork Chaos

I can leave 30 comments / day according to as of right now, unless if things change as we transition more into this new Hard Fork (HF) 20 with the Resource Credits (RC), AKA mana, maybe in October 2018, as the dust settles. I'm waiting for my RC to recharge. I can leave about 3 more comments right now.

Find Me on Facebook

I'll leave you this comment and return to maybe in a day or so. I'm in Discord Chat and I should probably start my own chatroom or something. Also on Facebook and also Gab and Minds and maybe a few other places too sometimes haha, good night.

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Thx Joey just saw ur post n responding lol~ sure can add u in FB I dunno what Gab n Minds are??? Cool looking forward to your discord too lemme know when u have it!

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You can see Gab and also Minds and they are alternatives to Facebook and Twitter and yeah, cannot wait for my own Discord either or maybe live streams or my own website or whatever that may come in the future. Thanks. Oatmeal.

Hehe such a simple and cool post.!
We can get inspiration on post on many things like simple idea around us...!!

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Agreed, inspiration is a garden of life.

first facebook.jpg

Facebook launched in 2004.


Political Facebook

11:47 AM - Steemit

Notice the announcements in the sidebar of this screenshot of Facebook as it mentions new features, things you can do on thefacebook: "10. Organize a mass protest of your school's labor." Sounds political. Infowars launched a forum website in 2018 called the Infowars Community Army, AKA the Infocomms (IWA). It was all about organizing protests. That's good. IWA says that is what that is for. But did Facebook say that they were political as well? Not really. Not usually. Officially, Mark Zuckerberg would say that FB was a platform for all ideas.

Sean Languille - WOL 2004-2006 - Salvation by the law is like trying to brush your teeth with a chainsaw, even if you have little fuzzy things on it you will still rip your face of~Wicks

Thief in the night. Mark Singleton - "I'd hate to hurt everybody's feelings but, 2004-2005 was the best year in the history of the BI nothing can be changed bout that. It was a awesome year. Sorry to anybody that wasn't there."

Morph 2004

2004 - Morph

I wonder if I was not invited to this thing or if I was working at the Word of Life Ranch in New York during this event. I don't know or forget what Morph is. It's possible that I chose not to go if I was invited. I don't remember. This photo includes some of the youth in our HCBC youth group which I attended, 1999-2004.

2004 Morph - Eric Koelbl and others.jpg

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