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Having total recall.

Never fade into the moonlight, even as the tornado shake things up. The blue Hades hair is ever daring to prompt response.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen wants to know?

In those moments, we refine and define what kind of person we want to be. Here is a letter I wrote to dad back in November of 2005 back when I was a 2nd year student at Word Of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) in New York (NY).

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College Update

In my letter, I tried my best to give a quick update on my second year in college (2005-2006) in New York, and I talked about my prayer requests, my needs, wants, dreams, goals, plans, for that school year. First, I talked about my winter vacation, my Christmas break.

Return to Oregon?

2005-11-24 Thursday: 10:43 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST): my plane departed from the Albany Airport (ALB). The academic quarter ended some days before the 24th, possibly the previous day. Was told to leave as our college campus closed for Thanksgiving and for Christmas around that time.

Where was I that one time & that other time?

I'm beginning to forget where I went after school dismissed for winter break, spring break, summer break, and other times during college.


One time, stayed at the house of Andrew Moroz, & his family, who are from the Ukraine. Met his great dad. Learned a lot while there.

Star Wars House

Another time, Justin Huse or House or something like that and played Star Wars games & watched Revenge of the Sith as well there. Another time, Seth Wilson or something like that and played basketball & watched many movies there, including Bourne Identity trilogy for the 1st time ever.

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Quebec 2006

2006-04-21-30: I went on a $450 USD mission trip to Quebec for 10 days, from Friday, the 21st, to Monday, the 30th, of April of 2006; visited Montreal, Quebec City, Saint Joseph Oratory of Mount Royal, and my favorite place, Parole de Vie (WOLBI Quebec), to learn more about their culture, history, to sing, share, preach, worship, pray, study, work, explore, eat snail, learn French, travel, participate, perform skits, puppets, children activities. Our trip included the legendary Andy Pandy.

Raising Support

In my letter, I asked for financial support for my mission trip to Quebec as that was for one of my classes called Missions Reality which trains students on how to raise support, how to prepare for short-term mission trips. Some months earlier, I wrote letters asking for support for my mission trip from New York to California for the summer of 2005 for Word Of Life West Coast Camp. So, his wasn't my first rodeo. Ended up getting the support those 2 times and later on for Revolution Hawaii for 2007-2008.

Christmas 2005

That December, I went back to my home in Oregon, bought a VHS to DVD VCR combo for about $200 to convert my old video tapes, my home videos, the 44 tapes, the 58 DVDs, the Arnold Attic Films, which we (me, family, friends) began making when I was 11 years old in 1996. My one high school Biology teacher, Garcia or Sandoval or something, played my home videos to her students in all of her classes a few times in 2001.


RIP Ojawall

In 2017, YouTube terminated my Ojawall channel which included those videos, as in around 50 hours of home videos which should be protected under free speech. I ended up returning DVD VCR at the end of December, that year, in 2005, or maybe it was in 2004 back when I was home for Christmas during my first year of college. I was doing the same thing the winter of 2004 as well.

Groundhog Day?

But in 2005, I went back to do it again to increase the quality of the copies, to record the videos to DVD at a higher resolution this time around. I didn't think it would matter but then ended up changing my mind. Since then, I've revisited that project many times these past 13 years since.

Haunted house in your heart?

It haunts me in some ways as a project I never finish like as if I'm George Lucas of a canon of home videos that could be equivalent to the Star Wars Special Edition. It's the Neverending Story and the Song That Never Ends.

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In a Heart Beat

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