Censoring The West

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Who are the gatekeepers of free speech?

Apple is rested in China.

What does that mean?

It means governmental compliance, control, tyranny, corporatism. So, what does that mean? It means, whenever you say something, write something, do something, that they are against, that they don't like, or whatever, on your Apple phone, computer, or whatever, then they may do something.

It happens each day in Europe.

Satanic Control Freaks?

Who are they? Global control freaks who are taking over the world whenever Free Speech Patriots are not fighting back.

We Are Tommy

Globalists falsely imprisoned Tommy Robinson and Julian Assange (so to speak). They're going after all of us. It is do or die.

Censoring The West

By Joey Arnold

Published in August of 2018

2018-08-01 Wednesday 12:01 PM LMS | Censoring The West
Published at 12:31 PM

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Crazy Censorship

Alt-Media Censorship - InfoWars, Richie Allen, Jordan Sather, Ron Johnson, David Seaman

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Long live the blockchain, forever ago i quit Facebook! Freedom is in the eye of the beholder 🤗. We need decentralization now more than ever. Our young are being indoctrinated in a usless education system that trains them to get a job and work for the state debt system. Almost everyone knows it, the signs are blatenly obvious . Will they rally to the cause!! 😁😎

Evil ISP?

Internet is becoming more decentralized and people are trying to bypass and get around Internet Service Providers (ISP) like Comcast, At&T, and also things like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, IBM, to name a few.

Evil GoDaddy or Good Daddy?

I'm not too sure about GoDaddy. But we are stepping in the right direction and we are making some progress with and via Gab, Minds, Bitcoin, Bit Torrent, Steemit, for example.

Preaching to the Echo Choir Chamber?

I go to Facebook and places like that to red pill and draw people here and stuff. But I try not to spend too much time in those anti-social places.

Anti-social is a great way of putting it man.

Any time I post anything at all remotely resembling an intellectual discussion I receive 0 comments, 0 likes and 0 shares but when I post a funny animal video suddenly I'm fucking famous.

It is very discouraging.

Coat the pill with more sugar.

Did you see that GoDaddy Terminated Gab but not Twitter after the Jewish Shooting?

I know what it's like after traveling in China! Censorship was so heavy, it was a relief entering Kazakhstan

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I was in Vietnam and saw censorship too.

Many of the youtube links are down, just thought I'd let you know.

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