Muslims Ban Palestinians

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This is included in American swamp, government, beyond what happened in the early 1950's in the USA. Laura Loomer was banned off Facebook for asking an American Muslim candidate, Ilhan Omar, why Ilhan Omar married her brother and much more. Beyond that, why is evil globalism and Jihadism and Chinese Maoism and technocracy and Soros and Rothschild trying to take over America and western civilization?

Breaking News - Pong Lizardo - Train of Censoring Off Tracks?

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Muslims Ban Palestinians


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I will never understand that culture

One of the biggest problems can be and has been centralized, required, federalized, state religion, be it Catholicism and especially in Jihadism and Sharia Law of Islam, of the Muslim Faith, of their Allah god, as seen in history, globally, the past 14 centuries or longer.

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