Beam Me Up, Microwave Scotty

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What does a Star Trek transporter and a microwave have in common?

CaptainPicardSpeech2 MICROWAVE.png

They both attempt to change things.

A microwave oven exposes food to electromagnetic radiation. So, whenever you eat something from a microwave, you're eating radiation, according to Wikipedia and others. The microwave causes the polar molecules (in the food) to rotate, to spin in like a circle, like the earth does, like spinning a basketball on your finger, around and around, which creates thermal energy through the process of dielectric heating.

They're spending billions to chip our brains.

Microwave Transporters

When you put a fluffy muffin into a microwave, it comes out tasting more like a plastic Spongebob. When you go through a transporter, you may come out more plastic than Nicki Minaj on drugs.

I'm a Doctor, not a Microwave

It may depend on the programmers of the transporters. I'm not here to say that transporters cannot keep people as non-microwaved, AKA as natural, as organic, as non-GMO induced, as possible, but I am saying it is possible for things to beam us up the wrong way, to poke us much harder than Fake Book, I mean Facebook, could ever, to revert our oatacular Original Oatmeal into something too soggy, drippy, and Gremlin-like.

Feeling Too Plastic?

Eat more bananas (potassium) and potatoes (iodine) if radiation, from phones, televisions, computers, microwaves, WIFI, radio waves, other waves, other things, especially 5G, is getting you down, microbiologically speaking. Play in the mud more.

Specifically, Potassium Iodide helps humans recover from radiation exposer, for example. Food is medicine. Natural remedies work much better and more often than fragmented medicine, normally, historically, globally.

Like magic.

Reading Rainbow

You can ask for second opinions on that. Don't take my word on it. Look it up. You can try Google, which is broken, or you can try Duck Duck Go, for your search engine.


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