Under Hostage

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Alex in Wonderland

Awesome review video in a video inside another video. This is a magical leap into a mirror of destiny. The world has been changing. Currently in 2018, Russia isn't the Soviet Union (USSR). Globalist media tell us that Russia is the USSR, that Reagan never asked for that wall to fall.

To make us fall.

Alex Jones Reviews Tucker Carlson

This is a magical video that we need more of because it shows you some critical analysis of what is happening. It is better to focus on your own country first. President Trump is helping the American economy rise in 2018 higher than it has in many many decades. Putin is helping Russia. How is that bad?

Government is there to help the people of their country. It is also better when countries get along with each other as opposed to cold war, world war, or even worse, info wars.

Yes, we are in information wars.


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