Freedom of Religion

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Do you believe in that?

Do you believe in the freedom of being able to believe in the first place, which is a root, a foundation, to what believing (religion) is all about in the first place?

Believe in Not Believing?

Can a person believe in the ability not to believe, in the ability to not be allowed, legally, federally, nationally, corporately, culturally, socially, geographically, to believe? If you believe in not being allowed to believe, then how can you even be allowed to believe in not being allowed to believe if you are not allowed to believe in not believing in whatever you may or may not want to believe in which includes faith, religion, laws, rules, ideas, principles, doctrines, and everything else that you may or may not find in life, death, and beyond, right? Try to say that ten times faster, alright?

Federalized, Politicized, Religion?

Do you want religions, governments, states, courts, unions, corporations, organizations, shadow government, global government, cultures, people, robots, A.I., or whatever, to tell you or others what you can and cannot believe or not believe?


If you want to stop believing in a religion, lets say a state religion like Islam for example, are you allowed to leave that state faith, that politically federalized, required, religion, without consequences? Will others try to kill you if you try to believe in a different thing, a different religion, or whatever? Should you have that freedom of religion? Should others be allowed to kill or hurt you without consequences?

Constructive Criticism?

Should you be allowed to talk about religion in your country, your community, in your family, at work, at school, at the park, at the zoo, in public or private? Should you be free to debate, to question, to criticize ideas, faith, religion, cults, denominations, sects, or anything, you name it? Should open debate, poetry, memes, cartoons, comics, books, articles, including this one, be burned in a pile with other books that have been burnt in Europe many times for many centuries in the past, right?


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