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Facebook Dungeons

I'm back in Facebook Prison for the month of September 2018 for posting a new Hitler photo with a quote of something he probably said in 1938 about socialism. People are banned for talking about vaccines on Facebook.

FB Problem Screenshot at 2018-08-27 21:09:20.png
FB Blocked Screenshot at 2018-08-27 21:14:05.png

We can say it.

We can say sorry to, first, people and, second, more importantly, to God, fundamentally. Saying sorry is something you can, first, say, but, secondly, and more importantly, it can be an attitude in life, that we can get into the spirit of as the sun rises each morning.

Rise with Sunrises

Life is better that way, each morning, to wake up with the sunrise, it is healthier that way, physically, emotionally, socially, fundamentally, mentally, and especially spiritually. You can say sorry for things, sins, problems, mistakes, crimes, accidents, weaknesses, things that may be beyond your control, and things that may be, more importantly, within your control.

Sorry For What I'm Unaware Of

You can say sorry for things you know about, first of all, but secondly, and more importantly, you can say sorry for things you do not know about. Writing helps.

Are you a writer?

Do you have to be a writer to be able to write? No, you do not have to be a writer or you may not even know that you can write and talk and draw and other things as well. Yeah, some people can do it more. Some people may be better at it than others. But we all have stories to tell, that we can tell, that can inspire, educate, inform, encourage, exhort, discipline, each other, and that is a good thing. We can all find Living Water, Daily Bread, Hope Over Dope, Joy Over Circumstances, Green Oatmeal, the foundation that we all want and need. I've been around since 1985 and have seen pain in myself and in others. But I've also seen deliverance, recovery, hope, life, love, destiny, that is eternal.

Computer Chaos

I'm currently trying to fix computer problems as talked about in my last post.

Green Oatmeal

I'm planning to start a Green Oatmeal blog all about daily devotions, inspiration, encouragement, education, and everything. I'm also kind of in the middle of other projects, series, articles, papers, videos, GIFs, memes, photos, comics, that I've been working on, contemplating, publishing rough drafts at times, for decades.

Too Busy For People?

So, I'm always busy in life with too many things, or so many things. Never be too busy for people. Robin Williams may have been a criminal according to Mat Pat of Film Theory in a YouTube video published yesterday on Mrs. Doubtfire, but Robin, AKA Peter Pan, in Hook, also learned to throw his cell phone, or cordless land-line phone, out into the snow, in that movie from 1991. Never be too busy for people. Be the light in the darkness. Always smile. Always Oatmeal. Keep going, everybody. Eat oatmeal. Thanks!


Looking forward to the green oatmeal blogs Joey

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Two American laws that Facebook violates, breaks, includes Safe Harbor and Fair Use. Another thing to consider is Anti-Trust. Facebook acts as a platform and as a publisher, which violates these laws, and other things as well. Legally, when you choose to be a publisher, then you become liable for what is published. You cannot hide behind Safe Harbor. When you are a platform, you begin to violate Fair Use, legally, when you begin to interfere with Fair Use and Safe Harbor, these laws, and other things as well. I believe in following laws. If the laws are bad, maybe we can try to change the laws. But at the moment in 2018, these are some of the laws out there.

Is Facebook a publisher or a platform? If they are a publisher, that violate Safe Harbor and Fair Use, and if they are a platform, then that violates political censorship, rigged search results, and shadow banning. If Facebook is both, that violates all of the above and much more.

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