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It's about all of us, right?

But not in a socialism kind of way, of course, right? The question of the day, asked by Mama Potato, was about Alex Jones, Info Wars, Donald Trump, other people, other things, by extension, for example. Basically, long story short, is a person like Alex good, bad, a cult leader, controlled opposition, Bill Hicks, a globalist, crazy, a conspiracy theorist, an American Hillary Clinton Hating Deplorable, a Gay Frog, a Denier of the Deception, this thing, that thing, this person, that person, a combination, a variance, of all said things, and/or etc? These are great questions as seen in her thread. As seen in my video, I say, "I thought it wasn't about Alex Jones, Donald Trump, this person, or that person. I thought it was about us." My first video went on for over thirty minutes, the second was ten minutes. I talk about the value of these questions. However, beyond that, we should try our best to ask even better questions to capture the bigger perspective. Say, for example, if Alex was a psych-op, a cult leader, a crazy person, a whatever you want to call him, fill in the blank, then hypothetically speaking, theoretically, would it matter when compared to all the good Alex did and when compared with all the bad the globalists and others have done? The answer is no, even in that type of theory.

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If Alex was bad, would that then make Trump bad for lowering taxes, regulations, for bringing back millions of jobs back to America? We can also debate words like the word cult. Different people can have different definitions for words which can make this all tough if we are not on the same page for a single word, let alone many words, many things. So many good and bad things are happening. We are Alex Jones not because we follow Alex but because we are awake, we are red pilled to the tyranny all around us. It is not about one simple person. it is about Info Moms. It is about 1776 Americana, independence, freedoms, responsibilities, the first, second, and fourth amendments in the USA. Choose your side, choose the winning side, the eternal principles of oatmeal before it is too late.

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