Morehead Kids Reunion

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Can you guess which decade this is from and where? Keep reading to find out.

You can see Nathan Williams embracing his long lost cousin, eight year old Joey Arnold. Oh, ok, maybe not long and lost, and maybe not long either, haha, but ironically enough, Joey got lost at Hagg Lake about a week or so after this Morehead Kids Reunion thing we had at that same lake in June of 1993 in Oregon.

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Does this look like the 90's or what?

Tiffany Cumbo is in the background trying to pet the cat with Katie. Ricky might be seen crawling or squeezing off the old porch in our front yard, at our 163 house. Crystal is standing next to Joey. There is this other girl in a dress and high heels. Not sure who she is.

1993-06 Morehead Kids Reunion b4 getting lost at Hagg Lake-1.png

Ninja Turtles III

One of my favorite films of '93 was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) and it made me dance, fight, live. When I got lost at Hagg Lake, a family found me & played this movie at their house while they called the cops to find my parents. At that point, I already saw this movie with mom & with Crystal at the Aloha theater. So, I started imitating the turtles while in that house.

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Eating at Hagg Lake: nice picnic tables
1993-06 Morehead Kids Reunion b4 getting lost at Hagg Lake-4.png

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Morehead Kids Reunion

Published in September of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | @joeyarnoldvn

Ricky is looking at Alan with a funny face while drinking Root Beer.
1993-06 Morehead Kids Reunion b4 getting lost at Hagg Lake-3.png

Timeline: Morehead Kids Reunion

1993-06-xx | on a weekend: Morehead Kids Reunion
1993-06-xx | a week or so later | got lost at Hagg Lake
2018-09-15 Saturday 09:00 PM LMS | Morehead Kids Reunion
Published at 10:04 PM Saturday


1993-10-05 - Tuesday - 1993-10-09 - Saturday - Green With Evil - Power Rangers 117-121 - Screenshot at 2019-11-08 12:28:03.png

Green With Evil

1993-10-05 - Tuesday - 04:00 PM or 04:30 PM - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) - Season 01 - Episode 17 - Green With Evil - Part 01/05 - Blogspot | I was watching through these episodes in March of 2017 in Vietnam - 2017-03-14 - Tuesday - 05:00 PM ICT

Parts 01-05

1993-10-05 - Tuesday - 1993-10-09 - Saturday - From the 5th of October of 1993 to Saturday, the 9th of October - I'm pretty sure I watched each premiere as these episodes came out in the afternoon, around 04:00 PM or 04:30 PM PST during the weekdays and around 08:00 AM or 09:00 AM on Saturday morning. These episodes introduced the famous character known as Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger who was originally evil. Tommy was controlled by Rita. Later, the Rangers freed him from her control. Tommy became a good ranger. Later on, possibly a year later, he became the White Ranger. After that, he became the Red Zeo Ranger. After that, he was a Black Dino Ranger, many years after that. The original actor has been playing Tommy for years. The character has returned to the franchise many times over the years. The actor made a quick cameo in the 2017 Rangers reboot film. Billy the Blue Ranger was my favorite ranger for years, during the 1990's. My second favorite would generally be Tommy. But in the 2000's (or gradually as I got older), I began to favor Tommy over Billy, generally speaking. I have glasses like Billy, meaning Billy will always have a special place in my heart.

Part 01

1993-10-05 - Tuesday - Part 01/05

Part 02

1993-10-06 - Wednesday - Part 02/05

Part 03

1993-10-07 - Thursday - Part 03/05

Part 04

1993-10-08 - Friday - Part 04/05

Part 05

1993-10-09 - Saturday - Part 05/05

Haha… this post seemed a little random, sort of confusing yet 100% awesome! The 90s were the best- 90210, Melrose place, dial up… haha and my favorite ninja turtle was actually Splinter- he was rad!

Yeah, I love to be random, haha, and Splinter was originally a man that turned into a rat in the cartoon show and yet a rat that turned into a bigger rat in the movies, and the original comics from like 1983 probably had Splinter as a rat rat and not a man rat haha. I love Don, cuz he was smart, and my dad is named Don, and I also loved Billy the Blue Ranger, I love the Power Rangers, and as a family in Oregon, we got AOL dial up around 1997 when I was twelve, or maybe 98, and so we didn't have Internet in the house until then.

Born Online

Kids nowadays are around the Internet, cell phones, etc, since they're born like I grew up around television. I wonder about the pros and cons of all of that. Yeah, I saw bits and pieces of 90210 and Melrose Place and I was watching Wishbone and Arthur.


Yeah, a radical rat, that is a fact, jack, and that is part of the theme song.

Haha… I think I remember Splinter as the man rat and definitely remember his flip flops worn with white socks 🤷🏼‍♀️… that seems like a random memory. I, too, wonder about the effects of technology on our youth. I find people to be much less interested in really connecting with each other than posting things on social media… I also find younger people to have difficulty carrying on a ‘small talk’ type conversation… I chalk both of those things up to too much technology and not enough connection. I could probably ramble on and on about my opinions on modern day communications and what that looks like, what that means, so I won’t bore you :)

I remember watching Power Rangers a little bit but never cared for them… I used to love movies like ‘Never Ending Story’ and ‘The Labrynth’ though… I’m certain we are of the same generation or close.

I’ll get off your page now. Haha ✌️

The Never Ending Story is amazing.

I've been watching a Netflix show called Castlevania. I always wonder if there is truth behind it. Oh, I don't have Netflix. There are other ways to watch it. Speaking of vampires like Dracula, today is Halloween. I'm writing a post about this holiday right now. So, I was looking through my old posts to see if I've already written about this holiday in order to add some links back to them. So, then I saw your comments here. I think I was out of mana, out of RC here, and that is why I didn't respond before... and/or busy with oatmeal. I love oatmeal, haha.

Yeah, small talk is even tough on me.

Technology is a tool that can be good but Apple, Facebook, & others, have been using tech, social ghetto networks, many things, to mess up kids, to mess up people in general, in a variety of ways.

There is geoengineering for example.

There are so many different things happening in our world at the same time, both good & bad. The answer to the bad is found in the good & I write about it, I make videos about all of that, or I try to. The good news is that kids are waking up & we are all helping with that. Gardens do help.

Gardens totally help. So does cooking food, real food, not that processed crap that comes out of a box. And Hi 👋. It’s good to hear from you. That fork was a rough one. I think many are struggling with the mana, RC thing. Hopefully there is some resolution soon.

Happy Halloween! I’m running a costume contest if you want to get in before tomorrow… we love Halloween at my house. :)

P.s. you should post your videos here 🤷🏼‍♀️

I've posted videos on Dtube but they do not work now. I think that is because it didn't get enough views.

Huh. I know apple products aren’t compatible with dsound but I have never had a problem with dtube. Except the minor malfunction that we all experience with this platform from time to time…

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