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Does your computer have spyware? If your computer is Apple, then the answer is yes, if the computer was made after 2010, approximately, probably. Older computers are less likely to have them. Smart phones may have them, especially iPhones. Let me tell you three oatmeal things you can do as follows, below:

Tracking Technology

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Spy Chip
Motherboards compromises Servers Worldwide!! @apshamilton

So, what can you do?

First, if you want to get away from spyware, then please try replacing your software, programs, applications (apps). There are two main parts to computers, hardware and software. Hardware is the physical parts of the computer, the hard drive, motherboard, cards, DVD drive, the speakers, the monitor, the hardware, the power box, the parts, like an engine but for computers. Hardware can be more expensive than the software. And the software are the programs, which includes operating systems (OS). So, you can try to replace software with better software. Why? Because some software may work with spyware. Why is spyware a problem? Because it spies on you. Beyond that, it may slow down your computer. It may lock you out of your computer. It make steal, edit, and remove your files, videos photos, etc. These things are beginning to happen more and more. The biggest problem is Apple which is run by China, like Facebook & Google. The second biggest threat is Microsoft Windows. The good news is that you can uninstall Windows, Apple, and even Android operating systems off your laptop, phone, device, and replace them with maybe Ubuntu Mate 16.04 or other GNU-Linux operating systems. Do you know how to install Linux? Do you want me to tell you how to do that? You want better software. Why? Because better software may block the spy chips from communicating with the outside world, the mother chip, China, the CIA, the NSA, technocrats, corporatism, globalism, the overlords, the inter-dimensional tree elves, etc. If you can't get the bad computer chips out of your computer, then you can at least deactivate those chips, those hardware things. Take it a step at a time, if you want a better life, if you want to become more independent.

Make Lists

Secondly, make lists of companies that may make spyware. Spy chips are also called a "BACK DOOR." Governments have made deals with big tech companies. They required companies to include backdoors. But these backdoor computer spy chips (spyware) are problematic for a variety of reasons. Make lists of computers that may have spyware in them. Make lists of countries where spyware may have been made in, like China. It is mostly China. Why make lists? Because then you can remind yourself what to avoid when buying a computer. But if you already bought a computer, then focus on the software, if you aren't able to buy a new computer. Focus on what you can do and make small incremental changes each day. Make lists of problems you have heard about. You can Google them and you can list them in the comments below, if you want. This is my rough draft article on this topic, on my research, investigation, upon these things. Be patient in trying to figure these things out.

Compare, Contrast

Third, get a blueprint map of the motherboard of your computer. Try to get the original designs. Pretend you are Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader from Star Wars. Imagine you are looking at the Death Star plans. You are looking for a way to blow it up like they did in New Hope. Look at a computer's motherboard's original design and then compare and contrast that with your computer's motherboard. Open up your computer and study it. Pretend it is a game and confirm that every single thing in the map is also on that green motherboard. If not, then draw a circle around the areas on your map that might be different. You can send me those circles, here, if you want. Start there. You can try to remove the spyware. I'm not sure if that is possible. If not, then try to disable them. Try to deactivate them. Try to block them from using ports to send out signals to the external world. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Like Steven Crowder said, failure is an option. Don't worry about failure. Instead, worry about regret. Just give it a try. Just try to focus on better software, for example. Just try one little thing. You don't have to do all of these things right now. I've only included three steps, three things, but there is a lot there. So much there. I'm still learning and I will continue to talk about these things, more and more.

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How-To Know If Your Computer Has Spy Hardware Chips

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I never thought about it like that. I mean why would they bother to put a hardware tracking chip on any device? In a way is counterproductive if you think how are they going to track millions of devices simultaneous?

Great question. If people are good, then it would be less likely. However, they say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some people seek to gain more and more power and control. Spy chips are about tracking, monitoring, spying, observing, collecting, of meta data, of many things. But it goes way beyond that. It's about censorship, which happens on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. It's about depopulation. It's about making sure that people stay dependent on them. They don't want humanity to become too independent and free because that reduces their value, power, purpose, & control. Some of the tech companies are better and some of them are worse. Some of them are trying to control us and others want to empower us. There is a wide variety of people, companies, and technology out there.

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