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Leia Skywalker - Star Wars - ROTJ -

Do you believe in magic?

That's a question & a song. Here's the irony in Star Wars. First, they killed off a character, Luke Skywalker, even as the actor, Mark Hamill, is still alive. Second, they didn't kill off another character, Princess Leia Skywalker, Luke's sister, even as that actress, Carrie Fisher, is no longer alive. Disney seems to be talking about using unused footage of Leia for episode 9, the newest film that is set to release in 2019. Think about it, in the previous film, episode 8, The Last Jedi, a spaceship blows up out in space. I'm not sure if the whole ship vanished or not, but Leia was sucked out into outer space. We all felt like she died. But then she used the force to fly back into a ship. Contrast that with episode 6, Return of the Jedi (ROTJ), where we saw Darth Vader throw the Emperor down an energy shaft. The Emperor didn't Force Fly out of that like Leia did in Last Jedi. Why is that?