No Go Australia

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Arabic Signs.

No integration of western culture. Corporate media came to them and said there was no reason for Lauren Southern and @Stefan.Molyneux to be there. If that is the case, then why was Soros media there? They all were kicking them out after a few minutes of walking down a street in Australia.

No-Go Australia

Yes, Sharia No-Go Zones exist not only in Europe but also in Australia and America and many places around the world.

Real Swamps

In this video here, Stefan Molyneux and Lauren, of South Africa's Farmlands, talk about going to a place in Australia. They told the police where they were going. When they arrived to this community, fake news media were swarming them. Later on, police told them it was going to get worse which discredits the fake news.

It's ten times worse than we know.


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