Skinny Tommy Robinson

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Why was he imprisoned?

Tommy was outside of a courtroom during a rape trial but was only filming himself with his camera phone with a few of his friends but wasn't disturbing the peace because he was among friends & not invading the borders of uninterested folks.

Already Published?

He was reading off what was already published in newspapers and in the news about a case. Tommy was not in the courtroom. Tommy was not interfering with the trial. Meanwhile, Europe is dying?

Free Speech

Do you believe in free speech? That is what globalists are attacking. Free Speech Patriots are trying to free Tommy Robinson and Julian Assange for example. We believe, strongly, that we are Tommy. We are Julian. We are Alex Jones. They're symbols of the principles we stand upon. Do you want a free society where we can talk about things or should we all live in 1984, in a world of fear of saying the wrong words? Where is the line between what can be said and what cannot be said? What is hate speech and who defines that? Can we even have open dialog about all of this? How could we even talk about this if we were to be without free speech? What happened in Germany?

Only Country With Free Speech?

Which country is the only country in the world with free speech? The only country on earth with free speech is America. Globalists are in America (infiltration) trying to take away our freedom of speech, religion, press, arms, private property, choices, privacy, rights, liberties, money, free markets, free soil, free minds, free health, and more.

Free Health Care?

When I say free health, for example, I'm not talking about Obama Care. I'm not saying we should make health care free. I'm saying we should be given the freedom to buy whatever health care we may want. We should be free to eat from our own gardens or even drugs. I'm for shrinking government, taxes, regulations.


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I agree with the fundamentals of what your trying to get across here. Yes we should have the right to express ourselves freely. This is a basic human right, one that is being threatened to be taken from us by the establishment. They use threats from ‘terrorists’ in order to pass bills which increase surveillance on us, at the sacrifice of our own privacy. However, I don’t quite understand how you can compare somebody like Tommy Robinson to Julian Assange. Figures like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have sacrificed their own freedom in order to get the truth out, leaking secrets that our governments have blantly tried to keep away from public knowledge. These men are truly vigilantes who are warning the people that their privacy and freedom of speech are at detrimental risk and if we don’t wake up, it will be too late. Tommy Robinson, however, promotes hate and attempts to divide people through race and religion.

Why is Europe dying?

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