How-To Red-Pill

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There may be two ways (at least) for us Deplorables to swing zombies over, off Democratic Plantations, towards independent thought, life, love, which is what life is all about. The meaning to life is unconditional love through fundamental, freewill choices; and the meaning of love is life through grace over inescapable, eventual, eternal, justice.

Free Thinkers vs Republicans

For the record, Hillary Clinton labeled us, Freethinkers, as a Basket of Deplorables. That is right (pun intended), we Deplorables may not necessarily be limited to the stereotypes of alleged conservatism. We are not the Alt-Right. We refuse to let the GOP Establishment tell us what to do, let alone even just what to think.

How could I even think if others were doing it for me?

Independence vs Infiltration

GOP = Republican Party

GOP = Grand Old Party
I'm against the GOP and the NWO.

Mutated Politics

Globalists, communists, and gremlins, have been infiltrating both sides, politically, for centuries, in so many ways, both sides, the liberals (liberalism) on the left and the Republicans (conservatism) on the right. Both sides are no longer what they were in the 1700's A.D (18th century) for example.

That is why we learn history.

No longer like the good old days.

That is why we make families, communities, great again.

We bring back the good old days.

But it takes a lot of work to bring things back.

Get 'er done.

50 Shades of Politics

Control Freaks, for centuries, have been turning Classical Liberalism into Democratic, Progressive, Neo-Liberalism (Welfare, AKA socialism) and alleged, Established, Globalistic, GOP Swamp Derived, conservatism (federalism: AKA constitutional, representative, elected, non-democratic, republic) into authoritarianism (mob-ruling democracy or demoncracy).

I'm a liberal conservative.

I bring the two sides together.

Reminds me of that Sesame Street song about how one of these things is not like the other. Free-thinking is not like the established right or left as they're both from globalism.

Divide & Conquer

Globalists divide us in order to conquer us. On one hand, we can try to be less divided, especially since the powers that be are dividing us. But on the other hand, some of the divisions are true. For example, there are differences between races, genders, religions, cultures, countries, and especially individuals. Some people may do better than others. Some may make more money, stuff, or whatever, in some places at some times. Statistics can show us the patterns.

Some may work longer, harder, better, faster, or whatever. There are different combinations out there. There are many variables to consider, on average. There are exceptions to generalities.

We can come together on common goals.

Wealthy Black People

We forget that many African Americans were becoming wealthy in the late 19th century, even around the civil war on towards the first half of the 20th century, more so than we know.


Globalists want you to think that racism is ten thousand times worse than it really is. Globalists are trying to establish a New World Order (NWO), a global government.

Evolving Definitions

In other words, things change over time. Definitions, to words, changes over time, and words are defined differently by different people in different places at different times.

When we talk to each other, we are generally, in most cases, not on the same page. For example, when I talk about a dog, I may be referring to a wolf. You can tell me that dogs can't do this thing or that thing because you're actually defining dog to mean puppy or poodle or something much smaller than a wolf. So, please try to see things from their perspective, first.

Conservatives, liberals, democrats, republicans, freethinkers, socialists, and others, think about things differently. They may even use the same words but may have different definitions or applications to those words.

Two Ways to Red-Pill

Here are two approaches to red-pilling, awakening, your family, friends, neighbors, frienemies, and people in general, and you can try to combine these two things depending on the day, the person, or whatever. However, you may want to focus more so on the second approach because that works even as the first approach is easier to personify, enforce, maintain, publish, embody, share.

Try the second approach.

01 Pyramid of power - all seeing eye - financial elite.png


Blunt. Direct.
To the point.
Without hesitation.
Without permission.
Without defining context, content.
Without defining definitions, parameters.
Without defining principles, goals.
Without translation.

Sidewalk Preachers

To red-pill directly, just yell it out from the rooftops, "I love Trump." Just tell people they're dumb. So, I'm joking since Fox News is sometimes a bit more sophisticated than that, for example.


The left has been extremely indirect in blue-pilling people with the help of television, movies, entertainment, education, control freak media, control freak science, control freak government, Soros, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Oprah, Bill Gates, plutocracy, globalism, socialism, China, corporatism, monopolism, Luciferianism, and especially technocracy, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Amazon, to name a few.

Most people don't even know they're being blue-pilled.

Unglued: Uncloaked

The left has been becoming more direct in the 2010's, the past few years, in general, globally, especially in America, in brain washing, especially when they say again and again that Trump is German (a Hitler Nazi) and Russian. The left is racist when they say Trump is racist because the definition of racism begins in emphasizing one's race or one's ideology in order to take them down.


Art, pictures, GIFs
Political Friendship Evangelism
Red-Pill Women | Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

Secondly, however, we can red-pill people indirectly through getting them to think more independently. Ask them simple questions whenever they are ready to think, to breath, regardless of whether they say they are Republican, Democrat, Independent, different combinations of those things, other things, or whatever.

Be very patient in red-pilling.

Left vs Right is Fake News?

In a YouTube Live-Chat during a live Lionel Media Nation video stream, some people were saying that the war between Republicans and Democrats, as highlighted especially by Info Wars Alex Jones, is a false division.

However, that is and isn't true at the same time.

In one sense, it isn't true as the control freaks created fake versions of the left and right. A war between two imaginary parties is fake because they're fake. However, there are two sides in life, the control freaks (AKA the left) and the independent thinkers as described in Assassin's Creed between the Assassins (the right) and the Templar Knights. In the 2018 Assassin's Creed: Odyssey ( video-game), you can play as a mercenary, set in 431 BC, and you can work either for Athens, Greece, or for the Delian League (Persian Stay-Behind Deep-State Swamp).

Change My Mind = Red-Pill People

Do Change My Mind Conferences.

Steven Crowder, of Louder With Crowder, does Change My Mind debates.

Bring a camera, sit down, and invite people to talk.

Just talk.

Publish those talks.

How-To Red-Pill

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Published in July of 2018

2018-07-22 Sunday 11:54 PM LMS | How-To Red-Pill
Published at 03:47 PM, Monday

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