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Reclaiming Vision.

We can get lost in the past, present, and even in the future, when we fail to pause, smell the roses, eat the Oatmeal, and dig deep like a tree. In order to know where you are, it's fundamental, at the root of your tree, to go back to your seed, back to where you are from, physically, emotionally, socially, and especially spiritually. When we forget all of that, we lose our identity. If we don't write down our lives, then our life begins to slip away like they do for older people. That's the struggle for the balance of it all. We want to live in the moment like the turtle said in the third Kung Fu Panda cartoon movie, that each day is a present and that is why they call it the present. There's no place like the present. There's no place like home for the holidays, for Christmas, for the gifts, presents, to be aware, to be present. My younger sister, Crystal Ann Arnold, might be aligned with that. I'm totally for that as well. I do not disagree with these types of things about being in the moment. But at the same time and on the other hand, it is key to learn from the past if we want to avoid making the same mistakes made by ourselves and made by others around the world throughout history. Here is a conversation in very small letters between and Crystal from 2010 about this type of stuff. That is what this post is all about. This is a small preview into the year of 2010. I was living in Portland, OR. I was working as an assistant youth pastor with Blake Webb at the Moore Street Salvation Army Corps church. I worked at Camp Redwood Glenn in Scotts Valley, California. Blake died. We had adventures with David Sheppard, etc. I lived with Charlotte Battle. I met Farmer Hanna and Sharon Clayton. And Sharon encouraged me to watch The Walking Dead (TWD).

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Year In Review - 2010

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Don't Want the Past, Says Crystal Ann Arnold
2010-09-16 - Thursday - Conversation Began
2014-12-10 - Wednesday - Copied To Blogspot

Conversation started September 16, 2010
Speak English
9/16, 1:28am
Speak English
Let me record you.
Crystal Ann Arnold
9/16, 1:29am
Crystal Ann Arnold
I don't care about reserving the past.
Speak English
9/16, 1:30am
Speak English
The future.
Crystal Ann Arnold
9/16, 1:35am
Crystal Ann Arnold
Anything recorded becomes the past
Speak English
9/16, 1:48am
Speak English
Including your profile picture.
Since pictures were also taken in the past.
Including your brain.
Your brain relies on memories from the past.
Almost everything relies on the past.
Crystal Ann Arnold
9/16, 1:55am
Crystal Ann Arnold
You don't need the past
September 16, 2010
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9/16, 5:32am
Speak English
But what is not the past?
You say I don't need the past. But if the past is all that there is. Then you're asking me to live without everything. You're asking me to live with nothing.
Crystal Ann Arnold
9/16, 5:57am
Crystal Ann Arnold
Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be
Speak English
9/16, 6:11am
Speak English
Is the present then the past? Or is the way we look at the past wrong?
Maybe we should look at the past in an opposite way since it is the opposite.
We shouldn't dwell in the past.
But we can learn from the past.
And move on.
But we can only move on if we learned from it.
But what exactly is the line between what is in the past and what is in the present or future?
To me, the line between them is very blurry.
And I still want to learn from it.
To move on.
And I also believe that living in the moment is a concept outside of time which integrates both the past, present, and future, all into a constant awareness called living in the moment, as seen in the three ghosts who went to Scrooge.
I also believe in magic.
I believe videos can encourage and help people.
I believe some things aren't simply just in the past.
But are priceless.
And timeless.
Crystal Ann Arnold
9/16, 6:14am
Crystal Ann Arnold
It is what it is
Speak English
9/16, 6:30am
Speak English
Two things.
First, at the top of this message, you wrote things are not always as it seems to be.
Things are often the opposite to what we think they are.
However, secondly, at the same time, you have just said that things are just as they are.
That it is what it is.
That we do know what things are maybe.
In conclusion.
Are you saying that we don't always know what things are?
That things are sometimes opposite to what we thought it was?
But at the same time, things are still, at the same time whatever that it is, that is what it is?
Whether we know what it is or not, whether we see the opposite to what is really there or not?
That it is still what it is, that it is what it is, at the same time?
Those two things?
Either those two things are contradictory.
Or complimentary.
Speak English
9/16, 6:37am
Speak English
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9/16, 6:40am
Speak English
Even the words you type to me were words you learned to read and speak and type all from the past.
Without the past, how would you be able to talk, walk, bike, know people, learn from the past, learn things, dance, sing, date, discover New York, waitress, travel the world, reflect, contemplate things, reason?
Crystal Ann Arnold
9/16, 6:45am
Crystal Ann Arnold
What's important to you is important to you.
Speak English
9/16, 7:42am
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Arnold Attic Song

2010-10-16 - Saturday - Pre-Attic Parrot Piano
00:45 minutes - 129 views

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My Facebook was Oatmeal Joy. I also had a blog on Blogspot by the same name: here is a link to that blog from 2009-2010:

A link to my Ojawall YouTube, screenshot from 2009:

2010-07-03 - Facebook Post:


Free Geek

2010-11-12 - Friday - 01:12 PM PST - Linux Questions - Registered: Nov 2010 - Posts: 153 - Original Poster - Rep: Reputation: 1 - I continued in my thread from Thursday: "Dear everybody, thanks.

@TobySGD: I always thought RAID was a kind of PC with tons of HDs or RAM or all of that working together as a server or video-game-playing monster with fans and everything. I have two other HDs, too, & I may just try the RAID thing someday. Free Geek is open Tuedays through Saturdays, 11am to 7pm, & they are good at helping people, even people like me. But it's kind of far away from me right now. I might ask them for help if all else fails. I don't have a car right now. Just a bike.

@Soadyheid: vacuums may cause static? I didn't know. Ok.

@Slinx: I've tried Testdisk, & several others already & failed.

@Marozsas: Are there really beeping alarms in BIOS? Ok, I went into my BIOS and found no alarms turned on. So, I don't think that is the problem, or the main problem.

My Plan Now

You already know that I accidentally deleted stuff off my two hard drives. One of them is probably slowly dying due to those noises. "Tell me something we don't know now man, will you?" Ok.

I have two other hard drives (20GBs & a 40GBs I think). Should I be using my (those) other hard drive(s) as my master & attempt to to fix the other(s) which will be the slave drive? Or do they really have to be in a whole other computer?

I have heard that you can try fixing these kinds of problems via booting up into the master HD, going into the terminal in order to use Testdisk (or other tools) to try going into the slave HD for attemptive restoration of the slave HD(s). Anyways, I already tried Testdisk & several others but I will continue looking for others & will continue asking & searching for help & will not rest until then.

What didn't work so far:

2010-08-09 4972483556_017c941293_o.jpg

WYI 2010

2010-08-09 - Monday - Day One or Two apx of WYI 2010 - I'm in this picture. We were playing some kind of game.


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