First Baby Sister

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Excited and confused.

You can see me with six-month-old Baby Crystal in a stroller at our Cornelius Community Baptist Church back around July, August, or maybe September, of 1990, when I was five years old in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Baby Slickers

1990-08 Crystal apx.png

Toughest Forest Slicker Ever

First Baby

Crystal Ann Arnold was one of the first babies I've ever been around in my life (besides myself). I've always been the youngest in the family until this point being that my older sister and older brother are in fact just that, older than me. Crystal was born on Sunday, the 4th of March 1990.

Our Family

In this photo, she was about probably about 6 months, give or take a few months. In our family, we have a mommy and a daddy.

Animal Arthur Family

Joey Alien

My siblings may have teased me, the alien, like Robin Williams of Mork & Mindy, as in what is he saying kind of thing, Na Knew, Na Knew or Nanu Nanu.

Be Your Own Alien

Intelligent Design

Crystal grew up ahead of the curve and began surpassing me, her five-years older brother. In other words, she has been very bright, very cleaver, creative, smart, and especially practical in her life choices.

Crystal Doogie House Houser

First Baby Sister

By Joey Arnold

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Aww, that's sweet of you to share about your little sister 😏
I bet you've been a great older brother!

Talented family for sure. My aunt has a wedding tomorrow. My brother is an engineer and a missionary in Honduras. My younger sister has been a lifeguard, cook, model.

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