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Borg Hackable?

Where's the off switch to your brain? Contrast that question with that of your computer, your phone, your car, your microwave. Historically, in the 1900's, electronics were plugged in. There were power buttons. But smart phones, smart cities, smart cars, & other smart things, not so much. Currently, they're literally connecting humans up with the Internet, with artificial intelligence (AI), with technology, with Quantum Computers. Will you become Data from Star Trek: Next Generation (STNG)? Better yet, in the 2020's (which beings in about 14 months from now), if your kids lacks brain implants, and if your children fall behind at school, then their teachers may come to you & tell you it's because your kids need to become Borg from Star Trek. Gradually, we are heading that direction. Can we stop that?

Transhumanism Brain

They must plug into the Matrix.

The implants are to be just as required just as much as vaccines are now. Currently, in 2018, some people are glued to their smart phones. I'm not stuck to technology but I see the seduction. I've pulled away. It reminds me of an episode of Star Trek Next Generation were the crew, in the Enterprise spaceship, were all hooked on a virtual reality (VR) head gear video game that rewarded level completion with pleasure, literally by releasing the hormones in your body, in your brain, creating addiction in everybody except Wesley Crusher and a girl. They had to pretend they were playing the game to avoid the mob, AKA the zombie crew. The crew were The Walking Dead. So many movies and television shows have hinted at possible futures. Books have talked about it.

Matrix WALL-E Fat Babies

They're trying to attach wires in newborn babies as a starter kit, already. Why, in order to make it easier for people to merge with machines in the future. When your kids get older, they can ask for the operations required. The pre-operation wires can help transition them easier. That's the argument for letting engineering doctors stick stuff in the brains of infants as seen in the Matrix trilogy. It is to be like the fat people in WALL-E. Here is a video on Transhumanism by @Stefan.Molyneux of Free Domain Radio. He places a bigger emphasis on the responsibility on humans instead of on personified robots, on the threat of the Terminator, of the Matrix, of the Planet of the Robot Apes kind of possible future. Regardless of where fault can lie on, be it on humans, robots, technology, nature, Satan, chance, God, on none of these things, some of these things, all of these things, other things, or whatever, we can see that a lot of things are more unhealthy than we even know. There is radiation. There is geoengineering. There are many different problems happening at the same time. The good news is that there are things that we are doing right now that is countering some of this. You can help us in reversing cancer, sickness, etc.

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Why Mind Net?

They're trying to mine our brains as our brains are the fastest, smartest, biggest, computers out there in so many different ways. There are a few reasons behind it. First, they're trying to data mine our brains, our minds, our lives, our energy, in order to power the mark of the beast, the super computers, the quantum computers, which are being built and which are there for a few reasons as well. Second, they're mining humans like Bitcoin Mining, like Bit Torrent) in order to exterminate humans in the process in order to aid in depopulation agenda 21 (AKA agenda 2030) programs. They're slowly boiling us frogs in killer hot water. Literally, it's slowly killing us in so many different ways at the same time. We are not aging. We are not getting older. No! We are slowly being boiled to death, burnt to death, skinned alive, in so many ways at the same time. Why is Oprah, Bill Gates, & others, funding depopulation programs?

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Global Computers

Globalists are building computers which are used to analyze and then control everything including humans. They mine humans in order to learn everything there is to be learn from humans in order to transcend humanity. Globalists join these types of projects for a few different reasons. Some of them may join in order to help humans while others believe humans are germs, ants, as in a plague, a cancer, that must be terminated. There are different types of globalists, world leaders, engineers, and others, that join globalism, technocracy, Islam, communism, socialism, Chinese governance, corporatism, monopolism, plutocracy, tyranny, and yet, they all come together on common ground. What do they all have in common? They all believe in changing the natural order to humanity, to nature, to it all. Some of them are trying to achieve immortality through transhumanism.


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