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The Skins of Freedom

- 12:32 AM - Losing Skins of Freedom - By the way, in The Walking Dead, they have these people that wear zombie skin to blend. They killed that character named Jesus. So, you walk around, and see some zombies, but some of them are wolves in sheep clothing. That is progressive liberal leftism in America, in the skins of freedom. There are differences between freedom defining Christianity and Satanic Catholicism.

Learning History

- 01:36 AM - Learning From Athens - Some people are scared to talk about the Muslims. That’s why, in some history books, they are called Barbarians or they are referred to by the names of certain empires, like the Ottoman Empire, or certain nations, like Turkey. Russia is very mysterious and there are different types of people saying different types of things in Russia. I need to study them more. Muslims would invade Europe, like all over, like many times, for centuries. But then the Europeans would fight back. So, it was a bit back and forth at times. Some of the Europeans were a bit Christian and yet some of them were just Catholics, not Christians. I wonder how much history neoliberal NPC SJW leftists actually study. The Roman Empire had like open borders and like super cities were the farmers were encouraged to become like WALL-E Fat People in the cities watching Gladiator Death Matches all day each day. Eventually, that led to the fall of Rome. Catholicism has been infiltrated and changed over the centuries or just originally at least when they began. You can compare their rituals to that of the Pagans. Catholicism would become the required state religion in the Roman Empire back before Islam began doing the same requirement for their religion. That may be part of the reason why America sought to disable the USA government from forcing an official religion onto to the American people by law through the separation of church and state. Rome & Wall-E Fat People reminds me of the Virtual Reality connected Matrix people. So, instead of watching television like Wall-E fat people, or watching Gladiators like the Romans, the Neo Matrix people would watch themselves, distracted in YouTube Live-Streaming Tik Tok augmented reality. I also learned a lot from watching the ABC show called Once Upon a Time which is a show of many different fairy tales like the Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, the Beauty & the Beast, where they all interact with each other in a big maze, a big puzzle, where all the stories are connected in a big pie of mystery.

Christianity Over Catholicism

- 05:17 AM - Religion Debate - Catholicism is bad. Christianity is good. The best things about Europe came from Christianity, not Catholicism. What I wrote is not an attitude. But you have an attitude to not know things. The topic of this thread is me and things I do, including the things I watch. I don't even use a smart phone. Sounds kind of silly for people to use phones so much. I like bigger screens. Phone screens are too small. I don't know how people can be happy without a real keyboard.

Reviewing Bingozee

- 11:13 AM - Deep Thoughts From Stars Apart - Here are oms of my notes, interaction, comments, threads, relating to The Infocom Telant Talent Show of Bingozee in general. Bingozee wrote: "there must be boundary to freedom of speech." @Bingozee said, "There must be boundary to freedom of speech." Progressive liberal leftists agree. They say, the boundary is anything that is hate speech, offensive, racist, sexist, not politically correct, etc, etc. Does that make Bingozee a leftist NPC SJW? Bingozee: "please realize to not repeat the same again." Why would I stop? "I have and still ask and encourage you to contribute still but..." Sounds like a big butt or but haha. B: "If you prefer small towns, New York City is a bad place to live. Now imagine quoting only the part that says: > New York City is a bad place to live." Bingozee said that to @HXTR in regards to the dos and don'ts of quoting. I understand what he might be saying in regards to taking somebody out of context. However, it really depends on a few different things, factors. And it is still a subjective argument. Whether you are taking somebody out of context or not is an opinion. Because there is always a difference between what the speakers says and what receiver hears or reads or experiences. You can say that something was out of context, but how was perceived? How was it heard? Take the differences between men and women for example. When men talk about problems, they may want solutions. But when women talk about problems, they may just want people to listen, to share, to sympathize, empathize, etc. So, you could take a man or a woman out of context, if you are the opposite sex. You can misunderstand people, which is an aspect to taking somebody out of context, possibly by accident. There are barriers between genders, races, work classes, cultures, religions, nations, people, etc. So, taking something out of context is always going to happen in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. But you can miss the point when you get lost in this. If I want to reference an apple in order to reference Adam & Eve, I could have a great point to make. However, you could choose to get offended to claim that I took the apple out of context. You could say that the Bible said fruit and not apple and therefore you are taking the apple out of context as it was not there, so to speak. The list goes on. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 08:44 AM LMS. "@hxtr IS this all you have?" Later on, Bingozee said this to HXTR. He said, "Is that all you have?" Sadly, he says that but then goes on to push New Age Transhumanism. Bingozee continues to try to push people towards a Humanism Religion that he swears is not a religion. but he continues to tell religious people that they are crazy while denying that hus humanism dogma is a religion as well. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 09:02 AM LMS. "Introjection occurs when a person takes stimuli in their environment and adopts them as their own ideas." Bingozee, and you don't do that? The answer is that he does do that at least to some extent. He is pushing humanism onto people while claiming that he isn't. He reads into the comments of others whatever he wants to read into them. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 09:23 AM LMS. "Bingozee referenced my thread, which has a long name: "Lol. Interesting observation, the more infighting the longer Thread titles become… Some almost a full paragraph… the longest yet… "2 of my threads were removed. They both had to do with the history of America, and a bunch of different things that are crucial to original oatmeal, hope over dope, love through action, joy over circumstances, to taking back our country” Just an observation :no_mouth:" 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 02:11 PM LMS. 12:08 AM - Wednesday - 2019-02-13 - I'm the Alex Jones INFOCOMMS - You'll be Flagged Next - Consider the challenge a test of your commitment and ability. Find your dignity. PS: I have never used the flag on any topic or post for the record no matter how disrespectful or how much I may disagree - 01:49 AM - Bingozee Wrote - Can we give him a chance to redeem? I am not sure who has flagged his comments, however I think it’s some what unfair, we can not condemn without offering opportunities to regain trust and the basic respect, nor can we be respected if we choose to do much the same... I have no idea why someone would respond as such nor why they would insist on acting in such bad taste, however I am also forgiving - 2019-02-13 - Wednesday - 01:49 AM.

Finding Peace

- 11:22 AM - Taking Days Off - I think my younger sister was a fan of Silent Bob. Very interesting.

The Paladin Thread

- 11:27 AM - Me Against The World - Paladin wrote: "I will continue to ask for you to be banned because of this." @Paladin continues to say things about me that is not true. I made a thread about Paladin because he attacks Christianity, which is a foundation to America. I also write to educate, inspire, and help in a variety of ways. It's insightful to learn from illustrations, stories. Paladin may not get what I'm doing. He seems to be ignoring what I'm trying to do. Interesting, @Tyler, @Bingozee, & @Nwenglarz, seem to agree with Paladin. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 08:51 AM LMS. Paladin: "Does it tell you something when I made it clear that I don’t want to talk with you, yet you reply to me more than anyone on this forum? Get help @JoeyArnoldVN , you have a mental illness!" Paladin must be pretty jealous or pretty blind to what is really going on. He listed the statistics which showed that I replied to him 93 times. However, the context would include why I was replying that much. I was defending Mama Potato, Christianity, and Western Civilization in general. Paladin seems to be either against America or is possibly a progressive liberal to some extent. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 08:58 AM LMS. "I’m sure you plan on leaving, getting your own place and getting a job. If you continue to harass me, I will tag your name on all your pics and posts, so that every search on Google that a landlord or employer will do, will pull up images of your homophobic hate filled comments. When I am done with you, you won’t be able to get a job flipping fucking burgers on the street corner. LGBT groups and those that defend them like the SPLC can sue you for online sexual harassment of the LGBT community. If convicted, you will be a registered sex offender and that will follow you around for the rest of your life. Ask yourself if it’s worth it." Paladin said this to Texas_T Thomas Graham Bartram. He is threatening to ruin his life. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 10:39 AM LMS. Paladin: "No one is a tyrant. You are delusional. I am simply asking you to leave me the fuck alone or I can and will do exactly what I said I would. You don’t even have to apologize. Just stop. Understand?" Paladin is threatening to go after people. He continues to say things like this. That is too bad. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 10:45 AM LMS. "It didn’t come from me. Relax already and stop making things worse. Do you not see I am just asking to be left alone? @Texas_T is constantly sexually harassing forum members, which is a crime. He posts his address and phone number challenging the forum to “do something”, posts selfies of himself engaged in criminal activity and then whines that he is being “terrorized”." Paladin continues to lie about the situation. Paladin continues to play the victim. But Paladin goes after people, again and again. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 10:48 AM LMS. "Do you not think you’ve got pretty lips? lol Anyway, I didn’t say a word to you today and you started in on me. I’ve politely asked you to stop many times. This is your last warning." @Paladin said that @Texas_T Thomas has pretty lips. But then he said that he didn't start any drama today, as if the past is forgotten. If you robbed a bank yesterday and the police came to you today, then would you say, "But officer, I didn't rob any banks today." Are we are supposed to pretend that you didn't rob any banks in the past? Let's forget about it, right? Alex Jones has said it many times that the globalists think we are goldfish, that we can't remember what people said on Twitter right while the Las Vegas Shootings happened on the first of October, 2017. I was in Vietnam at that time but I was following it and some people said there might be active shooters running around. Did we forget that? Did we forget that building 7 fell during 911? Did we forget that the WTC had bombs go off in the basement in 1993? History should not be forgotten for a variety of reasons. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 11:10 AM LMS. "You just started a thread about stopping infighting and “community”..." @Paladin did not read that thread because that is not what that FLAGGED thread said. Why was the OP of that thread flagged? What's going on here? There is a lot more that was said in that thread that @Paladin seems to be blind to. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 08:41 PM LMS. Paladin: "Maybe because you are full of shit, and exist on this forum only to provoke fights. Right after you posted this thread, you posted more fucking lies about me. Get help already, you have a mental illness." 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 08:43 PM LMS. "@Paladin: "@JoeyArnoldVN Leave me the fuck alone you creepy fuck. You are continuing with targeted harassment." 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 08:45 PM LMS." "@Paladin: "@JoeyArnoldVN Flagged and reported @zimmermann This is targeted harassment. This has gotten entirely out of hand. Stop provoking more fights and slandering me." @TheFrozenWarrior liked that comment. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 08:51 PM LMS." "@Salty: "@Paladin: You’re a palpating queef." 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 09:03 PM LMS." "@Paladin: "@Salty: You are also another instigator. What possible excuse do you have to provoke another fight? What is your problem? I didn’t say a fucking word to you. Fuck off." 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 09:04 PM LMS."

Bingozee Volcano

- 11:34 AM - Leave Me Out of Your Oatmeal - Bingozee wrote: "WTF is the point of your posts? Are you asking a Question or Just spamming Misconstrued comments taken out of context STILL!? DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OF MY CONTRIBUTIONS IN YOUR SPAM.... Peoples ARTIFICIAL intelligence and the Bullshit it brings to this community and this thread, I am stating this as an Observation, that is not only of this thread but the MANY, This is also not about JUDGMENT but Behavior seeing we are Speaking of “Intelligence”.... the only Responds to Truth from the Hypocrite, Liar, Thief, Plagiarizer, Troll, and other Fanatic and their fanaticism are foremost and prominently First Denial, then Deflection, These are people whom can not be HELPED because they are the Unwilling, They are GOVERNED by the EGO, Not Rational, Logical Mind able to acknowledge, comprehend or in most cases conceive its own works, Rather it is Stimulating, where the individual suffering this illness may find things entertaining or amusing while being self deprecating, Manifest by the action of the subliminal subconscious mind that is typically Uncontrollable with out a sort of intervention or treatment.... These Individuals PROJECT the manifestation and Truths of these illnesses in their Every day life Unknowingly and most often unintentionally, as it often seems to them an instinct or Natural, It’s their “Personality”.... I have talked with many addicts and people suffering mental illnesses however none worse then narcissism and the evil mind of the Ego and the egotistical, or in Lyman terms, THE Fanatic.... I Say this because The EVIDENCE of this and whom these Traits apply are apparent and discoverable by Reading the POST in Threads. I often say the Truth is on the WALL for those whom are WILLING.... Beyond this, I can only Speak for myself in Saying I am forgiving, unforgetting, lenient, patient, kind but also STRICT, I mean what I say, so I do not Appreciate people contributing NOTHING while complaining that others have or are capable.... For the People whom have badgered me or other members of this community, I ask, I challenge, Can you contribute much as the FEW others have, If not then we must consider Anything beyond that the Word of the Hypocrite, Liar, Thief, Plagiarizer, Troll, and other Fanatic and there fanaticism.... A waste and Shame…I have nothing more to add to this conversation, I digress, continue as you are… 1. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OF MY CONTRIBUTIONS IN YOUR SPAM.... Approach ye with dignity and wisdom nar ye wit.... @JoeyArnoldVN I can understand your dismay, however much of what you have done and apparently continue, was and is done while abusing the RIGHT not just of its members but the whole community… Summary... I have and still ask while encourage you to contribute but knowing and acknowledging that there are others here, we Are not an figment of your imaginary. Infighting is one thing, disrespect is unacceptable, there must be boundary to freedom of speech for its dignity or it becomes undignified.... I am forgiving and can only speak for myself to say, I am sorry for your loss but realize honesty, much of what you contribute is insult and slander unto rights rather than words only. Please realize to not repeat the same again.... Some Insight... @JoeyArnoldVN Where I come from they would say you are Suffering - Receptive Aphasia - Wernicke's aphasia, also known as receptive aphasia, sensory aphasia, or posterior aphasia, is a type of aphasia in which individuals have difficulty understanding written and spoken language. Patients with Wernicke's aphasia demonstrate fluent speech, which is characterized by typical speech rate, intact syntactic abilities, and effortless speech output. Writing often reflects speech in that it tends to lack content or meaning. In most cases, motor deficits (i.e. hemiparesis) do not occ Like man - By the evidence of this, I can say Wholeheartedly YOU have not the ABILITY to TEACH language, nor Speech thus I know this to be a LIE - What is the meaning of the word “context”? - “The part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning”. “it is unfair to quote out of context.” Consider the following sentence: - If you prefer small towns, New York City is a bad place to live. - Now imagine quoting only the part that says: - New York City is a bad place to live. - Strictly speaking, this is an accurate quote, because the quoted part is taken directly from the original sentence with no changes. But it’s very misleading, because the quote omits important information that you need to understand what the speaker was really saying. That omitted information is context . Context is the information necessary to correctly interpret a word or phrase that could otherwise be interpreted in a number of different ways. Without context, the speaker appears to be simply saying that New York is a bad place to live for everybody. When the context is supplied, it’s clear that the speaker is only saying that New York is a bad choice for people who prefer small towns. That’s why it’s unfair to quote someone out of context --to repeat something the person says without enough information to prevent readers or listeners from misunderstanding the true meaning of the quote. Similarly, if you ask a question about English here, you may be asked to provide additional context, such as an example sentence that illustrates the problem you want to solve. Many words and phrases can have different meanings based on context, so it may not be possible to answer the question without more information that narrows down the possible answers - Understanding Context - Are you Functionally Illiterate - Functional illiteracy is reading and writing skills that are inadequate "to manage daily living and employment tasks that require reading skills beyond a basic level". Functional illiteracy is contrasted with illiteracy in the strict sense, meaning the inability to read or write simple sentences in any language. Foreigners who cannot read and write in the native language where they live may also be considered functionally illiterate. Illiteracy as well as functional illiteracy were defined on... - Aliteracy - Reading Without Understanding ......" Bingozee wrote all of that and much more. It went on and on and on. Some of it were things he already wrote before in previous comments.

FBI Raping Children

- 11:51 AM - This guy is talking right now - What Alex Jones said was built upon a hypothetical statement suggesting that some FBI agents may have raped kids in order to get on top, and there is some probability of that being true, but it is said in such a way as to describe a theoretical probability that is rooted in a foundation of historical patterns as there are so many people involved children trafficking, sex with kids, sex with dead bodies, and all sorts of things, meaning that it might as well be true even if it is not true, and it probably is true in some cases at certain times, but it is still said in a theoretical style of talking.

Monday Motivation

- 12:25 PM - Motivation Time - the best part of waking up - is oatmeal in your cup - the best part of going to bed - is the journey into the head - #MondayMotivation - I wrote that on Twitter. I interacted with a few people, some girls I like and some guys too. I've been losing followers. Other people have been losing followers as well, especially in 2019, this year. I said hello to new people on Steemit for an hour. Around 2 PM, watched dishes and then shoveled snow. Also, cut up tree branches & threw them in the pile of yard debris. Now, it is 04:17 PM.

The Walking Dead 909

- 12:31 PM - Reviewing TWD 909 & 910 - This girl, the daughter of Rick Grimes, pointed a gun at him. Negan wanted to leave. So she let him. Eventually, he found out that there was nothing out there for him. As he drove a motorcycle, she shot at him on the road. He fell. He said he would return. That was his plan. The Walking Dead (TWD) began in 2010, nine years ago, with Rick shooting a young zombie girl. Now that Rick is off the show, there is his daughter shooting people, full circle. She is what the zombie girl could have been. There were other young girls that died as well during the past nine years. This girl offers a lot of hope as she is caring but also strong. I like that. Is TWD becoming a bit like Star Wars with an excess of SJW themes? Maybe a little but maybe not as bad as what Star Wars has.
2019-02-17 - Sunday - 11:35 PM - 12:30 AM - Watching - TWD 909
2019-02-18 - Monday - 12:39 AM - 01:30 AM - Watching - TWD 910

Pro-Animal Abuse

- 12:38 PM - INFOCOMMS Highlights - nwenglarz wrote: "@JoeyArnoldVN sorry bud I’m not wasting my time reading any of your trash. You’re an advocate of pro animal abuse. You’re a monster and no doubt a lefty. I’ve got 0 respect for trash like you. I hope your first step daily is praying war never happens because you will be a goner." Nope. I said I don't have a problem with animals dying because they die everyday. I don't kill my pets but I'm against the violation of property rights. I want to focus on how people abuse is worse than animal abuse. Paladin wrote: "You’re about a week late on these “highlights”. And remind me, what’s the purpose of reposting all this? What is the point of plagiarizing people’s content on Steemit for your profit? It’s creepy enough you do that here, but trying to make money off it on other sites is going too far. You’ve already established that you are a sociopath. Now step away from the computer and get some help." They continue to lie about me. They continue to mock me and other people too. Nick added: "Just give it time. He’s divising another misrepresentation feed of bullshit filled with retarded replies and stollen answers." - Me Against The World - Nick added: "You’re absolutely correct. Over 3 days I’ve said nearly nothing on here because I’ve got a life. Come back to read you defending animal abuse even after it resulted in death. You’re the kind of filth I can’t stand. And you’re trying to cause more drama. Such filth, you are trash, a meth head is worth more. Again I won’t read your pathetic threads. You’re such a creepy bastard. Now do piss off little bitch." False. I care about people more than I care about animals. So, if that means I'm pro-animal abuse, then that means you don't understand priorities, emphasis, focus. I love animals. I love my Honey Cat. There are many different isssues at hand.

Don't Steal

- 04:25 PM - Talent Show - Bingozee wrote: "@JoeyArnoldVN your welcome to post your works here, Don’t be shy, Art is Art. This is not a competition, and of course All are welcome to contribute, however I only ask that it be our OWN Craft, Art and Works, not stolen or borrowed." He just insulted me. I have tons of original art, songs, etc, etc, for over 30 years. You can Google my name and find stuff that I made like music videos and much more. But he likes to accuse everybody of theft, not just me. He said it to Mama Potato and other people too. He does it all the time. So many insults. Then he pretends to compliment at the same time. New Meme - Russia Invading Southern Border - What Say Ye, CNN? People first, animals second. I had many pets.

snow fg or usa arnold 1992

Snow Day 1992

- 06:07 PM - Snow Pictures - We came together in December of 1992 to build this snow fort. You can see my sisters, Katie & Crystal, in the back. Ghetto neighborhood kids are also seen here playing as well.

Technology is not the problem

- 07:19 PM - Learning from Athens - I love technology. The problem is not the technology. It is the technocrats and globalists that manipulate and engineer technology to spy on us, to manipulate us, to control us, to weaken us, to govern us, to brain wash us, to change us, to trick us, to abuse us, etc.

Sociopath Joey

- 07:29 PM - Me Against The World - Paladin: "@JoeyArnoldVN, get help. You are a 34 year old man. What are you doing with your life? Your obsession with me is CREEPY and SICK. You have a mental illness, apart from being a sociopath. Get help! Write about shit that people care about, not about users. And take my fucking content down from your Steemit, you creepy fuck." Nope. Wrong. Deflection. Reflection. Paladin continues to ignore what I said before. He hates Christianity. I told him that. Now, he hates me. He was attacking Mama Potato and other people. I stood up to his tyranny. Now, he is mad at me. I love how you cannot take Steemit Content down. Some people think that you can remove Steemit Articles, but once up, always up. But when I went to Vietnam, no problem.

Steemit Tech

- 07:40 PM - Important Issues - @Salty, I think Steemit is an important issue. Why? For the same reason INFOCOMMS is important. It is about spreading the real news out to people through alternative social networks. Some people think that is off topic. Funny, how you can be accused of being off when you are dead on. I cannot remove posts on Steemit because blockchain technology has no backwards button. If you study how blockchain works, you would know that already. But some people don't know much about how some things work. I understand the basic theory behind blockchain but not necessarily all of the code, the details, the technical inside baseball of it all. When I post on Steemit, it can be flagged (downvoted) & then it may be hidden. But it is still there. You just have to click on it to see it. This website does that, too. Except with this INFOCOMMS forum, some content that was flagged was then removed unlike Steemit. Paladin: "Yes, by plagiarizing forum members’ content, you thief." @Disgustabunk.com, if I quoted you, would you scream, "Theft?" - Two Different Websites - @Salty, those are two different websites. Different spelling. One is spelled with an E and A. The video game website is https://steamcommunity.com/ - Steem vs. Steam - But I'm talking about Steem, not Steam. Two E's. Standing up for western civilization is an important issue, or is if we are not standing up, and that is why I write what I write on Steemit. One main reason that they have for giving us technology is centralization. In the 1980's, there were around five parent companies that own over 90% of all the cable and satellite stations, networks. That is like a monopoly. Now, they're trying to do the same thing on the Internet via Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc. But that is why we find ways to counter their control. America was founded on our founding fathers. Over the years, people came in and began infiltrating our government and everything else as well. @Disgustabunk.com, I actually wrote him (Paladin) a song. I think he wants a new song in his name. I quote him on Steemit and include a link back to his profile on INFOCOMMS so that people can check him out - Dark Webs - Almost as bad as what I'm doing to you on Steemit, you might say. Paladin: "@JoeyArnoldVN Get it through your head, you sick fucking creep. I don’t want you to write me a fucking song. Go out and find a fucking girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever. just take a break from the goddamn computer, you fucking sociopath. Get help for your mental illness. @Disgustabunk.com Does this appear to be a healthy, well-adjusted 34 year old man to you?" @MamaPotato, hypothetically, if we could eliminate technology, completely, then that might be the better choice. But such an endeavor would be performed in a vacuum, as in isolated from the rest of the world, meaning that we might not be able to stop everybody from using tech. That may create black markets of tech which may then cause other problems down the road as that is what happens with prohibitions of anything. Beyond that, God gave us freewill. God placed Adam & Eve in a garden & allowed them to make choices for better and for worse. That includes the freewill to go after more knowledge from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil. As we live life, we can make the wrong choices. Ultimately, we can eventually cry out to Christ for help, for a new heart, for wisdom, for guidance, for everything. Technology is like a wheel. It is mechanical. Everything is technology. It is a tool like a gun. The problem is that most technology that we have is pretty bad already. But that does not mean they can't be good. But technology has been engineered for over a century to be bad. So, we live in a world with mostly bad technology. So, we feel that technology cannot be good because we have never seen good tech. There are many things wrong with tech. If there is too much radiation, mercury, other bad metals, too much 1984 big brother control over us, too much manipulation, bad flickering, flashes, from the screens, the TV, the monitor. Physically, psychologically, chemically, tech can be hurting us. So, that is not good. So, I know that tech is bad for a bunch of reasons and in a bunch of ways. I also like to use the Internet to contact people and for studying history. So, how would I do that without the tech?

Humans Over Animals

- 09:01 PM - Our Pets Are Dying - I Love Animals - @Disgustabunk.com, I like people more than animals. That's why I said I didn't have a problem with what might have happened. I said it to make a point and I already told them many times and they continue to lie about what I said about animals - Again & Again - I tell them over and over again and they pretend like they cannot read what I write on INFOCOMMS - My Lovely Pets - Anybody that knows me would know how much I loved my Honey Cat or Ra Ra Hercules Roberto guinea pig pet. I had so many cats, mice, dogs, snakes, hamsters, over the years. Grew up around them - Oatmeal Focus - When I write, I try to emphasize on certain points. I either write too much or too little. I quote people. But quotations are not theft - Humans Over Animals - I prioritize humans over animals and yet I love animals too but I want to emphasize on how government makes up excuses in order to invade our property, to trespass on our lands, our yard, into our houses like they did to Roger Stone and those people in Oregon - Cryptic Writing - I can write very short messages, comments, of like two words, or a few words, and I write in code at times, but when I write, I may be saying a whole lot of oatmeal, talking in parables, illustrations, in order to hide the truth from those who are not ready for it yet. Quotation is not theft. Paladin: "They are when you’re making money off them without permission.... No one lied, only quoted exactly what you said, creep." I said I didn't have a problem. So, I have to have a problem? @Disgustabunk.com, I said, and I quote, "I do not have a problem with the murder of animals." But does that mean that there is no problem with the murder of animals? No. If you murder your animal, that is a problem. I do not have to have a problem with that for it to be a problem. How I feel about a problem does not change the problem. Me saying it is not a problem does not make a problem not a problem. My ability to say that I don't have a problem is almost meaningless without a backstory. If you don't know why I said it, then it is out of context. I said it for a bunch of reasons. I decided not to write a few paragraphs explaining why I wrote what I wrote. Why? Mainly because people generally ignore what I write. Most people on INFOCOMMS ignore what I write (or so it would seem). That encourages and pushes me to write smaller comments because people are not going to see them. So, then I end up writing shorter messages. I learned all about journalism in college. I know what I'm doing. I find it sad that people have to lie about me. They continue to lie about me. I can tell them all day how much I love animals. But they will only see what they want to see. I love animals. I love smaller government more. Books are made with the help of technology. Is the printing press not a product of technology? Where do we draw the line between what is technology and what is not technology? Is a wagon wheel technology? Is a sewing machine not technology? Is a refrigerator not technology? Is an oven technology or not? I studied journalism and other things. I attended four colleges for 5 years. I had different degrees. Studied a few different things. But I didn't finish college. I didn't say that I hated animals. I love animals. But people think I murder animals or something, now? So, I should have and shouldn't have finished college because I could have found a job from the degrees a decade ago but not now? Oh my God, animals are dying. I wrote a song about it. @Disgustabunk.com, I have tons of work experience, the past twenty years in many different jobs. Are we going to become Amish while the other people continue to do what they do? Are we choosing not to engage with culture because they are making bad choices?

To Bed

- 10:00 PM - Around this time, I was sleeping until now, 04:54 AM, Tuesday. Mom told me about the Super Moon. Went outside & took a picture of the moon hiding behind our evergreen trees. Speaking of ever-green, I try to make content that is ever green, forever green.