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Let the games begin.

Here is a list of emerging Internet 3.0 projects that are competing against the tech giants. We all are little David Sheppard Boys facing & competing against Centralized Giants, chemically, psychologically, educationally, politically, and especially technologically, on a bunch of levels, globally, in a bunch of different ways, all at the same time. That's why we reunite, we come together, independently, not codependently, to fight for freedoms, ownership, privacy, choices, rights, family values, local communities, etc.


The Website Builder of the Blockchain
What do you think about this?

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Emerging Blockchain Projects

Augur - BandZ - Bit Degree - Bit Fury - Brave - Cardano - Card Stack - Decentra Land - Dove - Free Geek - Golem - Iota - Iungo - Minds - Steem - Stellar - Storj - Sub Stratum - Sys Coin - Ubuntu - Vibe Hub - Wrio
What do you think about these?

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Technology, Innovation, Blockchain

Antennas - Attacking Websites - Beam Me Up Microwave Scotty - Censorship - Copyright - Floppy - Ham Radio - GENERAL: Cars - Geoengineering - COMPUTERS - Check - Coma - Freos - IBM - Infowars - Mana - OS - Steem - Steemit - Technocracy - Transhumanism - Twitter - Web Browsers - Selling Means Ownership & Liability? - Undeletable

Starfish Internet

How can we make the Internet more Star Fishy, more & more?
How do we bypass Internet Service Providers (ISP)

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Blockchain Web Builders

Published in November of 2018 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN
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Steem = Bit Torrent / Bitcoin / P2P?

Does Steem allow for Witnesses (Servers), Nodes, of all sizes, shapes, etc?
Is Steem like Bit Torrent, enough so?

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Scary Skies

I've seen them in Oregon Skies since the 1990's
These clouds, jet streams, stay in the sky all day
What is BandZ, Dove, & Holo P2P?

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Oregon Born - Homeschooled - Videos - English Teacher - EA
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Fake Coins, Projects

Which coins, websites, projects, ideas, alleged blockchains, networks, are problematic?
Which are fake, scams, problematic, etc?

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Nice compilation resource. I am most interested in the starfish concept of distributed internet resources and new business opportunities in decentralized business.

There may be different definitions to starfish internet. For example, Facebook has its own ability to grow back as they have different servers. But we want open source. We want independent servers, nodes, witnesses. So, the next question would be on whether Steem is as distributed as Bitcoin, Bit Torrent, P2P things, etc.

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