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Here is my bio, right here as follows: I'm from Oregon: I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold: and the following biography outline, here, is a rough draft entry: the following outlines a little bit about who I was, am, am being, will be, am trying to be, in where I was, am, have been, am going: in regards to my hobbies, my work, my life, events, where I have been, my journals, diaries, blogs, videos, comments, posts, articles, writings, thoughts, reflections, and everything. Please leave me comments if you have questions or anything you want to add to this. This current entry was written 2018-03-11, Sunday, 12:10 AM PST LMS JA: About Me. This bio outline is ongoing. This entry is incomplete. I'm a perfectionist and probably shouldn't publish this yet. Still editing this. And this post may contain all kinds of error and more......... Still working on it.

But here is some of it as follows:

- About Joey -

You wanna know stuff about me, huh? Haha, I'm the Original Oatmeal Joey Arnold Rasp Morehead Hockings Pickett Pickell Henderson Cunningham Hunter Mitchell of Oregon, Amsterdam, Germany, England, Scotland, Vietnam, Canada, California, Washington State; the Jo Joe JoJo Joseph Scott Cool Kid Ghetto Montana Icebreaker Mother Goose Harry Potter Austin Powers Billy Breaker Blue Power Ranger, and I'm the OATMEAL because you are what you eat and the meaning to life is love through justice and especially grace and oatmeal is my daily bread.

My email: [email protected]: was born in 1985, February 11, in Forest Grove, OR, USA. Was in Vietnam for 5 years as a teacher. Was a camp counselor for 5 years. I'm a filmmaker, writer, teacher, counselor, web designer, artist, musician, actor, singer, dancer, educator, historian, doctor, pastor, coach, comedian, activist, cryptocurrency investor, pirate, ninja, freelancer, developer, video gamer, basketball baller, athlete, geek, nerd, cartoonist, and a lover of eternal love, life, joy, and hope.

I'm for smaller government, less taxes/ regulations/ bad laws, more freedoms. I'm all for family values, community, nationalism, patriotism, freedoms of speech religion, arms, property, press, privacy, sovereignty, borders, decentralized free markets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, Bitcoin, Steem, Gab, Minds, and L4OJ hope over dope, joy over circumstances, encouragement articles (EA), Trump, Brexit, and capitalism over crony capitalism, technocracy, tyranny, corporatism, monopolism, plutocracy, oligarchy, progressive liberalism, socialism, communism, democrats, and I do hate Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Oprah of depopulation Agenda 21 programs, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Google, YouTube, DISNEY, Twitter, Amazon, Walmart, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Bilderberg, NWO, EU, UN, NAU, CFR, and more. China owns, controls, a lot or too much of of Disney, Hollywood, News Corps, other corporations, governments around the world, American land, American companies, a lot of the Internet, other big big things, etc etc. The top three big demons of the world may include the globalists, Chinese, and extreme Islamic terrorists.

Deep state is trying to take away our freedoms, our free speech, and more. Join this second global revolution, share the links, videos, articles, for the sake of our children and future, before it is too late. Thanks. With oatmeal in my bowl, is Jesus in your soul? No pain, no gain: no oatmeal, no honey. No struggle, no funny, hehe.

Oatmeal Joey Arnold Bio Post Outline

2018-03-11 Sunday 12:20 AM LMS: About Me
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