Trump Meets Rocket Man

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What do you think about this?

Where is Dennis Rodman? What will come of this? What is next? Is this the art of the deal? Is this the art of the @Stefan.Molyneux Argument? USA President, Donald Trump, met with Kim Jong Un, today.

What do you believe?

Do you believe in globalism or do you believe in nationalism or what do you believe in, specifically? Could @Cernovich be wrong or right? What if? Can you draw like @GrrrGraphics?

Globalism versus Nationalism?

Should countries become states of a global empire or should each nation make individual deals with different countries to best fit their own people? Do people serve government or is it better when government do the bidding of their people?

Trump Meets Rocket Man

2018-06-11 Monday 07:23 PM LMS: Trump Meets Rocket Man
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 08:09 PM
Edited at 08:44 PM

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Wow it sure looks weird, why did they have to walk towards eachother like that haha. Well, I guess it could be good for world peace? Or it’s just a business thing

It must be a very old tradition from the time of kings.

it is nice to see these two leaders but it would so wonderful the north korean people see the outside world.

Agreed, we want more free markets for people. Look at Reagan in the 1980's. Reagan met with the leader of the USSR in the 80's and then we saw USSR revert back into Russia which began helping the people of Russia in so many ways in the 1900's.

น่าประหลาดใจมาก ไม่รู้ว่าจะเป็นเกมการเมืองหรือเปล่า

South Korea has been doing very well.

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