Pay it Forward - Week 95 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Our freezer is making some weird noises this evening... so, I'm writing up this @pifc Curation entry whilst sitting in the kitchen waiting to see if the weird noises stop... or if I should start freaking out that we need to replace a freezer... hopefully the former... perhaps the freezer just makes weird noises sometimes... to alleviate the boredom of being a freezer?

Game Reviews

It's probably no secret to followers of my blog that I'm a huge PC gamer... with too little time to actually play all the games that I want to play... it is the eternal curse of the gamer, when you are young, you have lots of time and no money... and when you are older, you have the money and no time. Perhaps things change when I'm retired?

Anyway, these means I'm always interested in reviews and review sites... to help me sort out which games I might enjoy from those that I might wish I had never bothered with. Of course, gaming tastes are really an individual thing... so even after reading a review.. it could still be not conclusive... plus, sometimes reviewers don't have the time to really get their teeth into a game to have a solid take on it.

@the.partisan.spy (REP 49) appears to be also a dedicated gamer, who posts long video reivews on their blog... most importantly, they appear to have spent the time to really get the feel for a game... and not simplify the experience into a meaningless number. It is great that there are people out there who do this... and understand that there are so many things that going into defining the game.

This featured post is a video review of the latest Dragon Ball Z game... it does look interesting... but not really my type of game... perhaps if it pops in a sale or in a Humble Bundle.

Featured Post


If I'm not careful, I might become an art critic! Well... I don't have any expertise in the actual technical details of the genre... but I do like certain things, and on the internet that is good enough!

@protosun (REP 64) is a blogger who is quite talented with their pens and brushes, having produced some really enjoyable artworks for the STEEM blockchain to admire! In this featured post, we see a cat (a very big cat...) watercolour take shape... from the beginning pencil outline through to the end result.

I do love to see these sorts of posts, it is something that I have no ability in... and so the process is a great way for me to see how the magic is created!

Featured Post

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