Pay It Forward Entry - Week 20

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

This week, I'm on holiday in the picturesque Cotswolds with my family. It isn't often that we get time to all go on holiday together, but this year we just managed! We were going to try for Croatia, but the flights didn't line up with our free time, and so here we are in England, after having driven over in the ferry from Netherlands!

Being on holiday means that I've dug into my bag of aces in the sleeve for one of my bloggers, and oddly enough, one other blogger just fell into my lap as I was doing the commenting rounds for the evening! I saw that they had commented on a different post of someone else, and so I followed them up and found something that I liked! Unfortunately, no music bloggers again this week, the downturn of STEEM and the greater crypto community seems to have hit the music community pretty hard!

Artwork (Greyscale)

@anyaehrim (REP 39) is an artist and writer who has only just freshly joined Steemit! So I was quite happy to have found her post before she got famous!

Her post Lee Can't Sleep is an extract from her novel in progress, with Lee being the main protagonist. The artwork that accompanies the post is also her own, and as usual, I enjoy the artwork posts that include the step-by-step, so that complete cretins like me can fully appreciate the path by which the final artwork came in to being!

The novel extract appears at the top of the post, and the rest of the post is more about the creation of the artwork. Lots of detail and an easy conversational manner make the post a joy to read and to follow!


@corinneiskorean (REP 53) was a blogger that I noticed last week, just after I submitted my entry for the week! So, I put her name aside so that I could come back to her blog again this week... but it appears that @curie beat me to her last post! Oh well, good taste... I hope...

Anyway, she has posted a watercolour of the Asian folktale The Weaver and Herdsman. It is a beautiful story that I remember from my own childhood when I would read folktales from many cultures, but this one belonged in a lovely hardback collection of Chinese tales.

... distracted in nostalgia for a moment! This is a beautiful watercolour that she has created for the story, and there is a lengthy and detailed description of the process. I learnt a great deal about the intricacies of the skill of painting in watercolour (only in theory, not in practice!). It is a post that was definitely worthy of a Curie, I'm just a little sad that I was beaten to the punch!

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Another week and 2 more great artists. Thanks for your entry.

Thanks! Starting to poke around for the next one!

yaaayy... love the second blogger!.. really nice story and picture, Thank you @bengy!

Thanks! I love the story, it was something I remembered well from my childhood!

Look at you Mr. Art Curator :) Love both of these and am off to support them too! Thanks for continually entering in the contest @bengy, and for all your support too :)

Ha ha, I'm hoping to break out of the artwork this week... But it seems to be the tag that is still producing good stuff in this depressed time!

Yeah, it's slim pickin's here for sure @bengy 😅

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