Pay It Forward Curation Contest Entry - Week 11

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This is my entry for the Pay it forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse.

This week, I find myself in Prague at short notice for a couple days. And it is the weirdest job, I play in only one programme of this orchestra, and during the day they rehearse the other programme. So I have just two short 2 hour rehearsals in the the evenings of the next two days and then straight into the concert on the next day! And I get paid the same as everyone else.... Strange, but I'll take it!


Heh, I've started to learn that I should lead my Pay it Forward posts with an artist and not a musician... No one likes to look at the musician, and artists just make a better visual lead!

@teukuhanis (REP 49) does some pretty impressive pencil sketches. His most recent post is My Original Painting : a funny facial expression pencil painting is an example of his pencil sketch art, but he also does some pretty cool digital art as well as some crafts. Pretty talented work if you ask me!


Now, I'm pretty sure I haven't yet featured @mariajruizb (REP 46), but she is a singer from Venuzuela who I found whilst doing my curation rounds with @classical-radio. She has some great videos up (this one is "Siempre estarás presente" video especial de @mariajruizb "zamba para no morir"), and regularly appears with @danieldedosd2 and @davidcentenor; I think I may have featured one or the other, it's getting pretty hard to keep track of who I have and haven't mentioned! Anyway, both her friends are great guitarists and singers as well, but this was the post that caught my attention this morning when I was running for the airport....

Positive Steemian



When I think postive person on Steemit... I would have to say it is @dreemsteem. She writes an ongoing novel and some poetry, but her main passion seems to be making god-awful jokes (mostly in Discord) that are so terrible that you laugh (speaking of which, that picture above is my contribution to the bad jokes...). If you look down her comments, she seems to be perpetually on a high... LOLLOLLOLOLLLOLOLOLLOLOLL appears to be in ready supply!

A couple of weeks ago, I heard what she sounded like in real life and it was a pleasant surprise... and she is just as cheery sounding as I would have thought (just maybe a few octaves lower and not like a chipmunk on speed!). In the Discord, it seems like she can bat out several sentences to my couple of syllables... Anyway, she is a top Steemian (forming @welcomewagon) and the poster child for positivity!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord. Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio. Community Logo by ivan.atman

Horizontal Rulers by cryptosharon
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Music! Yay! Thanks again @bengy for your entry in the #payitforward contest. Your support for the project has been awesome and I truly enjoy your entries (especially the music). Of course, I have visited, commented and upvoted all your featured authors. All the best to you.

Ha ha, just for you! Thanks for the support!

Thank you for your entry @bengy I supported your featured entries

Thanks for the support!

Thank you for the entry @bengy and for your continued support of this contest! @teukuhanis and @mariajruizb are new to me (love the video; what a voice and instrumentals!), and I've been running into @dreemsteem on different posts this week, so I'm so glad that was your third choice!

Have fun in Prague; doesn't sound like you're being overworked there, that's for sure :)

oh thank you @lynncoyle1 :) isn't it fun to bump into one another unexpectedly??? hehehe

it's kinda like going out for the day and running into a friend <3

That's it exactly! And not one of those friends where it's all weird and awkward either, but more comfortable and totally enjoyable :)

hehehehe right! when i see one of those friends - I turn quickly and hide my face in the rows of canned tuna! LOLOL

hahaha @dreemsteem , cus no one wants to mess with the crazy person intent on picking the right tuna 😎

That's it exactly! And not one of those friends where it's all weird and awkward either, but more comfortable and totally enjoyable :)

Ha, definitely no danger of being overworked for sure! You now have a challenger for your comment queen crown in @dreemsteem!

Glad you enjoyed the music!

haha @bengy, I think there's room for many Queens here 😅

Thank you for your entry. As always you featured some great artists and that makes my night better. Love seeing who you come up with each week. I gave an upvote to dreemsteem's poetry post as jumping into the story part way might caused me to go down a rabbit whole reading the rest of the story and not got to the rest of the entries.

ohhhhhhhhh you dont' know what you're missing @thedarkhorse... hehehehe there is unrest amongst my sweet subscribers. We are nearing the climax and they all want to know WHOOOOOO will make it out alive!
I say... sneak into my story - finish in a half hour - and then go to the rest of the entries ;)

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Well Well Well!!!!!!!!!
I can make you laugh!!!!!!!!!! And now... the truth is finally out there. for all the blockchain to see forever and ever and ever! hehehehehe

my jokes. they be funny!

and so... here is a limerick in celebration of this day!

There once was a robot named @bengy
Not a word even rhymes with @bengy
Things sorta go south
When he covers his mouth
Withhold giggles from Dreemie - can he?

I'll just leave that there for you to revel in all its beauty. hehehehe

Thank you for the kind words :) Our graduating class will forever be the MOST best-est-est!


LOLLOL, I sometimes feel like that ^^^^^

Did you know there is a haiku bot going around at the moment?

well.... all i see is laughter. so... hehehehe GOOD FOR ME!

AND...i got visited by the haiku bot!!!! it turned the most inappropriate sentiments into a haiku. I think this bot has no home training.

This post has received a 1.48 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @bengy.

I'm starting to think I'm here to feed your ego now LOL. Really enjoyed both posts. Keep up the great work and don't work too hard in Prague.

Ha ha, I could use a good ego feeding at the moment. Back from Prague and doing a different project that is seriously testing my patience and my ability to stay positive...


That should help :D

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