Pay it Forward - Week 72 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

This week, I'm frantically trying to scratch out this curation post before I have to board a cross planet plane back for Europe. I figure when I land, writing a post will be the last thing on my mind!

Luckily, I was able to reach into my bag of saved bloggers to come up with two interesting selections for this week! However, doing this by phone is a while new world of pain...

Life in the country

@frostyamber (REP 57) lives a very enviable homesteading life. Between beautiful sunsets and the sense of space, they have found time to share a touch of that relaxed life with us on STEEM. After spending lots of time in the quieter parts of Australia over the last month, the last few nights in Melbourne have been quite annoyingly loud and busy... So, this quiet life is something that I can really appreciate.. Even if quiet still means that there is lots to do!

Featured Post

Fairy tale?

@wakeupkitty (Rep 63) is a fellow @pifc regular... And in this featured post, they write a modern day fairy tale. Apparently it can be quite a therapeutic experience to do this...

Is it a completely fictional story or a is there a real life parallel?

... And because I'm a tired stupid head, I just realised that the featured post only has a day left on it. There is an alternative post to vote on if you liked the original, but was out of time!

Featured Post

Alternative post

My past entries

I'm going to keep a record of my past entries mostly for my own ease of finding them again!

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Everyone supported!! 💜💜💜

Ta! Thanks for helping them out!

The look like good picks. I'll get to them later on after some sleep 😊

Thanks... hope you enjoyed you week of sleep!

I've just visited both of your bloggers.

Yeah, the first post you've picked from @wakeupkitty is already past the reasonable voting limit. by the way... Do you know that, on the last 12 hours before a post payout, your vote on that post will be reduced to half the value?

No I did not. So this means votes are useless within the first 5 minutes and in the last 12 hours less? There are only 7 days to vote what is the reason for this.

What if the steem forever link is used?

Where can I find all these rules and exceptions?

Oh, I didn't know that... oh well, better than zero!

Good luck on your flight

Thanks... we all exited out the other side!

Thank you for recommending me, old or not, I appreciate it.

The tale is a life tale so the story line is true. Goodheart was my grandfather, Merry my grandmother. Queenie I wrote for the biggest part but is not ready yet.

Just wonder: If the steem forever link is given the vote also does not count or is worth less?

Have good flight 💕

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I'm afraid I have no idea about the STEEM forever link! Thanks for the story... curious about the rest of it!

It sounds as if no one is using these links. Well, I do with some posts.
Thanks for answering, happy day..💕


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 73 is confirmed.

Thanks for supporting them!

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