Pay It Forward Curation Contest Entry - Week 12

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This is my entry for the Pay it forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse.

This week, I've finally returned back home after a couple of weeks away. Which lands me into an annoying project which is testing my patience and ability to stay positive. Ah, well, it won't kill me (I hope...) and it will be all over in a few hours!

Meanwhile, this is a very pleasant distraction!

Sketch and Artwork

When I was younger.... I loved playing League of Legends. I would spend hours trying to perfect my skills and I ended up being tolerably good at it. However, after having kids, there is no way that I can spend that much time playing... and that the time would need to be uninterrupted for a full game as well... So, I made the return back to single player games that could be played in short bursts. Which I also love, as there is a narrative arc to them....

Anyway, back to the point. @andrewjhonmex [REP 38] does some amazing sketches, and some of them are of the League of Legend avatars! I love them, Rammus (pictured above) is the post that caught my eye (but it is now past payout). However, there is another few LOL-inspired sketches, but they are too close to payout. Here is a different one, still in the same style, but non-LOL characters!.


Another art one this week (sorry, no music....), mainly due to the fact that I'm backstage with no headphones, and so blasting out music over the laptop is probably not cool....

@lildebbiecakes [REP 49] appears to be a regular participant in the ArtStorm contest, and she (?) does some pretty great picture sketches. Again, there is a distinctive style in her artwork, I'm not versed in art to be able to tell what or how she creates her art, but I do very much enjoy seeing them! Never send a musician to do an art critic's job....

The post is here!


@jackmiller is one of the stalwarts of the @teamaustralia community. He is active in the community providing support via the (@anzub and @jackmillerbot accounts), whilst also seemingly being quite active in the SteemChurch and Veteran's Community to name a couple of others.

He is a witness that is relatively new, and growing, and it was via his witness posts that I found out how many inactive witnesses there were. He is also quick to respond to comments and communicates his ideas for Steemit well, and his vision includes a better support for communities on Steemit. I think he is doing a great job on Steemit, and I look forward to his witness position being strong enough to begin materially affecting the direction of the platform.

He has occupied a place in my witness voting block as soon as I found out about him.

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord. Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio. Community Logo by ivan.atman

Horizontal Rulers by cryptosharon
Team Australia footer by bearone
Account banner by jimramones



Thanks for keeping at it with the #payitfoward contest. I have "odd" authors so I didn't get a chance to visit your featured folks this week, but I wanted to give you much deserved thanks for supporting the project.

Thanks, it took me a moment to figure out what odd authors meant!

As always great choices!

The second one unless I missed it you didn't like to the actual post.

Thanks, I completely forgot!

Thank you for entering again @bengy! I love the look of your choices (going to check them out after I'm done here :) and also your witness! Voting for witnesses is something that is so overlooked especially for new folks here, so thank you for adding that to your post!

Thanks and thanks for visiting the posts!

Witness voting is really quite important, and unfortunately she to the nature of Steemit, it is a topic that really needs to be constantly resurfaced.

You're most welcome @bengy, and you're right about the witness thing too. It's really too bad that posts "die" after seven days, because there's been some great ones about witnesses lately.

Congratulations @bengy, your post has been selected by the @asapers for a resteem and a feature in our brand new curation post. Issue 67

What does this mean for you? Well first an upvote from some members of the team, we are no @curie or @ocd but who is going to be unhappy with some extra upvotes. Also each post featured in the article will receive a 10% share of the SBD generated from the curation post.

Keep up the great work and please consider supporting the @asapers with an upvote and/or a resteem on the post you feature in. Please wait seven to ten days for payout.

Your friendly @asapers

Giving back A.S.A.P

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P.S. These look like some awesome artists and great choices! @insideoutlet

Thank you for your continued support of pifc. You always pick great featured posts . I supported both your featured post
@jackmiller is also one of my witness. Thanks for giving him more exposure

Ta, yes I really think he is a good witness choice!

Some great art selections here, no doubt deserving of some recognition. Thanks for the eagle eye, @bengy!

Thanks, glad you liked them!

Wow @bengy, amazing, you did post about my drawing friend, I am so appreciative of your kindness! I created this drawing in about 12 minutes with a iPad procreate App. That’s how I do all my drawings on the Artstorm Contest. You are only allowed fifteen minutes to draw something that pertains to the “Theme of the day.” The greenery in the topiary was all done with a unique tool that comes with the App, which I can in large or make smaller. It looks like I spent a great deal of time on it, when it’s just knowing how to use the tools. The lady took me a couple of minutes to pencil sketch out, and fill in with chosen paint and a round brush tool. I’ve learned from many years of drawing portraits how to draw figures very quickly. I’ve actually just learned how to digitally draw six months ago, still learning what all the Procreate can do. Thank you so much for your support, I’m so impressed I will follow upvote and resteem you, I pray that God will bless you and your family abundantly sir❣️

Congratulations on the artwork, I surprised that you managed to learn so much in only 6 months!

There is so much more to learn about digital drawing @bengy I don’t know if I’ll ever learn it all in my lifetime, after all I’m a 59 year old woman. My names Debbie by the way, I live in the U.S. in Iowa. l just want to thank you again for posting my artwork. I’ve had several people upvote and comment on my post. I really appreciate you, blessings ❣️

Thanks for always lead us to an original creator posters☺ the only things that can not be spun or cathegorized into plagiarism is Art Work.

Sadly, I wish that were true! I do see other people steal other people's artwork/photos and post it as their own... and the same for music... sadly, some people are happy to just steal other people's hard work.

Yes, I agree with you, I found the same things on poetry, what a shame. I wish I could raised a flag for that kind of people, but I know you have a "good eyes" on spoting the true, honest and original as always @bengy👐

@Bengy, I love your choices! I love coming across amazing artwork, especially around nature themes. Thank you so much for entering #payitforward so I could see these :)

Glad you enjoyed the selections for this week!

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