Pay It Forward Entry - Week 15

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This is my submssion for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Well, it's great now that the level cap for the REP for the curation is raised to 55 (reading back on that sentence, that was a really really clumsy wording... too many "for", but I'm sure readers won't go crazy). That means I can keep an eye out for higher REP authors that I had in the past passed over, but it wasn't required for my two choices for this week as I had managed to collect them before I knew of the REP raise!

So, this week, I have two doodlers... Not sure how that happened, but there were stories linking them to me, they were not found by random searches of the "New" unfiltered feed.

Doodles with colour

Doodler number one is @eveningart (REP 51, damn it I did need the REP increase, when did she move up in REP?). Anyway, back on topic. @eveningart is part of the @dreemsteem Minion Army which is currently churning out worthy minions via the @welcomewagon Steemit on-boarding account. I'm sure that minions would be a better description of the graduates, but apparently they call themselves Seniors, which leads me to think that they are all blue-rinse, walking frame rebels!

In this featured post, @eveningart has sketched up a delightful collection of Kawaii (which apparently means cute in Japanese!) characters. There is a nice video of the creation process (which I always enjoy watching), and short description of the tools that she used.

Ulog 10: Ulog Doodle Contest Entry

If you are also interested, she has done a really interesting "How to" for shading, however it is too close to payout for me to feature!

How To Draw: Beginner's Guide to Shading

Doodles in black and white

@andreasalas (REP 31), is a relative newcomer to the Steemit platform, but she has been posting great sketches that she has done in the past or has recently completed. This particular post, Sirens of the Sea was an entry for the Art Explosion contest which had the theme of Mythology.

Again, there is a step by step of the creation, which seems to be something I always seem to look for in the visual art posts. I hope this makes up for the relative lack of words!

I trying to figure out how I came across this account, but it seems I must have tripped over it when curating music posts for @classical-radio. She appears to have many guitar friends that resteem each other's works, and so I must have seen a sketch of their's when I was looking at the guitar accounts!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord. Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio. Community Logo by ivan.atman

Steemit Bloggers
Join us @steemitbloggers
Animation By @zord189

Upgoats by ryivhnn
Account banner by jimramones


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Great entry as always! Thanks for your continued support of the #payitforward contest. I have visited, commented and upvoted each of your featured authors. Wish you all the best.

Thanks, and thanks again for the support of the featured bloggers!

This is a pleasant surprise, I just woke up and I run into this . :D You're right, you found me in a very peculiar way ... yes, I have some musician friends that I like to follow. And as you said, I'm relatively new and I do not understand very well how the entire steemet platform works. :O I think I have to wait and see how everything unfolds. I thank you in advance.

No problem, thank you for the great sketches!

So glad that @bengy found you and curated you!!!! I (along with some others) will be coming to your posts this week to shadow you. We have a little initiative that selects 1-2 newbies each week, and helps them with understanding Steemit and comes alongside them with help, support, and friendship that lasts beyond the 7 day course. 🤗
@zen-art, @andysantics48, @monchhichi23, @bluefinstudios, @penderis... Care to shadow? ♥️

Shadowing... That doesn't sound like stalking at all!

right???? i'm a writer. i know how to soften words out.

like... instead of crazy...."reality-challenged"

see? so much nicer. nice nice nice.

i'm going to go "shadow" now...... ;)

Hi there! I just upvoted you, I am a semibot that sometimes vote on great content or sometimes just Create useful content. I am helping @cheetah , @FollowForUpvotes , @minnowSupport , @steemgigs , @dropahead #bots and other users right now for making the steem more helpful to new users. Contact me if you want me to follow on your content or comments. If you have any query then please contact me. You can always send me SP or SBD so i can keep helping you indirectly by helping these awesome bots.

Do not forget to Follow @jeevanot, I actually create content as HUMAN.
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I'm so honoured that you chose to feature my doodle post- thank you so much! It's my 1 month Steemaversary today, and I couldn't have asked for a better present!

Yup - I'm one of the WW minions, and am happily hopping around with my blue-rinse and zimmer this week as a Senior :)

Thanks again Bengy,
E xx

Congratulations on your 1 month anniversary! It's great that you've stuck around, unfortunately Steemit currently has a problem with retention.

Thank you! I really do love it here... but i joined for the writing and platform and community primarily and the rewards are an added bonus. For certain, I think people who join to make a "quick buck " disappear pretty promptly. E x

Good, that's the right way around! Rewards are the bonus, not the main meal!

Hi there! I just upvoted you, I am a semibot that sometimes vote on great content or sometimes just Create useful content. I am helping @cheetah , @FollowForUpvotes , @minnowSupport , @steemgigs , @dropahead #bots and other users right now for making the steem more helpful to new users. Contact me if you want me to follow on your content or comments. If you have any query then please contact me. You can always send me SP or SBD so i can keep helping you indirectly by helping these awesome bots.

Do not forget to Follow @jeevanot, I actually create content as HUMAN.
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Thank you for your entry! Your featured bloggers are always great and can't wait to see who you come up with each week. Thanks for taking the time to find so many great artists of all types over the weeks.

Might be fun to do a looking back type post and check in on all those you featured in the past. Sure some aren't posting anymore, but bet some are and still doing great things. Just a thought in case you need a post idea. If you do it make sure to tag me in the post.

Top idea! I think I will do that in the coming week!

Look forward to seeing that post!

They're making ME into THEIR minions!!!!

You have it flipped, @bengy lololol
But isn't she the best? Hehehee I love watching videos.(ahem, nudge, point, wink.... Still waiting for one from a certain robot playing the violin for me in a special performance.... Tee hee hee)

But @eveningart is one of the crazy talented in everything newbies that we've had the beautiful fortune of finding and kidnapping loving.

They're making ME into THEIR minions!!!!

Aaaaargh! How many of you are there?

I don't know.... look around the room. count....(including yourself, of course) heheheheeh

Mwahahaha... minion army unites!

Thank you lovely (and am also intrigued by the robot/violin minion video!!)

I've enjoyed every minute of being kidnapped loved by WW ;)

hehehehehe please allow me to gush a little about my extremely talented robot friend... hhehehe

THIS is @bengy playing. My absolute favorite is the first.... so so lovely.

Ooh you can gush and gush and gush some more over @bengy - what an incredible talent! This as actually one of the very early posts I hit upon when I was very very new here and was just wowed by the music- but having scanned it- hadn't cottoned to the fact that it was him playing.

Bach. My favourite. Somehow never really translated the beauty of it when I was learning Viola ;)

E xx

Another violist! I also play it when I'm not playing the other ones!

But surely you must know Brandenburg 6? There are also a couple of really nice (but obscure) arias in cantatas for viola solo!

Yes yes yes... but I didn't by name! I think my teacher pulled out bits for me to practise and I've definitely heard the whole thing performed... think one of the small chamber groups my brother played in performed it (another viola player). I haven't played for years now. Youve reminded me how much i miss it.

By the way, whats the funky 6 string cello jobby?

Ha ha! The 6 string instrument is called a viola da gamba. It was one of the viol family of instruments that got replaced after the Baroque era by the violin family. The only remnant is the double bass, it is an instrument that is quite common in my area of specialisation (Early Music).

It is what Bach called for in this concerto, but modern classical groups don't have people that play it, so they are substituted with celli, which sounds very different!

You learn something every day! Well - this viola da gamba player certainly plays with flair- I was hooked in watching them!

Thank you, I'm turning red!

Haha, a classic case of Stockholm syndrome!

hehehehehe never never never! its TRUE love LOL

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Hmmmmmm and a rep of 31 for @andreasalas.... Sounds like I need to go check her out for her doodle, and also because she's new.... And ALSO because I just wrote a post about being upset that I'm not a mermaid.
Hehehhee nice find @bengy...
Also.... When you find any newbies that might do well with WW.... I would LOVE for you to tag me in a comment on their post!!!!! 🤗

Sure thing, I might also mine your stock of Newbies for potential future curation!

Ha ha, Newbies! The eternal renewable resource!

yes yes yes!!!! they are great for curation!!! and i love it! win/win situations are the best :)

i am ALWAYS looking out for good newbies :)

and why am I still not a 60????? aghhhhhhhhhhhh

60 is an exclusive club, we have to keep the riff raff out!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm at 59.8..... watch out for the riff raff.... we're coming ;)

Time to pull out the flags! The barbarians are at the gates!

more great artist @bengy! the featured bloggers really post a lovely works of art, not to hard to understand their post and already support them too. great picks as always.. thank you

Thanks and thank you for supporting the featured bloggers!

Thanks for the entry @bengy :) Nothing like a good doodler :) I'm going to have a look and pass on some upvoting and commenting love!

I'm sure they have a proper technical name, but doodles works for me! Thanks for supporting them!

Siren singing mesmerized into submission @bengy great doodling featured.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them!


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