Pay it Forward - Week 67 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

So, this week... I'm on the road again... just killing time before a concert. Coming down with a cold (I think one of my colleagues gave it to me...)..... and it is some serious time to kill, about 4 hours... I finished early and then was a large break between the rehearsal and the concert as there was a TV interview with the maestro.

So... quite a bit of time.... this week, it is a pair of thought provoking posts to feature...

Guns and Reason

@dovetail (REP 60) is a blogger in the UK/Ukraine who writes some thought provoking posts. This featured post is about the liberalisation or regulation of guns in society. It's definitely a divisive topic in some countries, and not so much in other countries. In the Netherlands and Australia, it isn't really a big deal... gun ownership is restricted, licensed and regulated.... and the societies are generally happy with that state of affairs (personally, I'm very happy with that state of affairs...). However, I know that in other countries (such as United States), that isn't quite the case...

Featured Post


@allover (REP 59) is a blogger who posts about various aspects of Australian life. In this featured post, they are reflecting on the nature of criticism... something that has really quite important aspects in my own field of music (during the rehearsing and teaching phases...).

Featured post

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Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 67 is confirmed.

Thanks for supporting them!

Thank you for the entry @bengy! I'm going to visit your choices when I have a bit more time...they look kinda meaty (which is a good thing!)

Thanks, and thanks for checking them out!

I just got to your entries @bengy; nice choices my friend. Glad you had the four hour downtime to find them! That is a long time to wait to play!

Thanks for helping them out... Four hours is better than 15 minutes!

I've just visited both of your bloggers. Thanks for your entry!

Thanks for checking them out!

Supported ... mostly LOL. Nice job and no getting sick!

Thanks as always!