Pay It Forward Entry - Week 14

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EDIT : due to lack of memory in my brain, I forgot that I recently featured @scrawly. I will keep them in, but add an extra blogger (not yet done) in an hour or two.

EDIT2: It has been fixed now, edited the order as well, to have the 2 new bloggers at the top.

EDIT3: IBT enrollments have begun. I have added those links.

This is my entry for Week 14 of the Pay it Foward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Happy belated Independence Day to all bloggers in the United States! If my memory of a recent documentary "Independence Day" serves me right, it is a day for celebrating the repelling of alien invaders from the Earth. Led nobly by the President in a fighter jet?

Artwork and sketches

@veryspider is another #teamaustralia member that constantly is posting great artwork and sketches. For some reason, I thought I had featured them recently (when in fact I had featured @scrawly), I blame that on my general lack of memory and sleep.

Anyway, this post is a great sketch of girl/boy with an amusing story. There is also a nice video to accompany the artwork, in a step-by-step animation. As a complete novice to making drawing art, I am amazed to see how it all comes together. Normally, I would just start with a circle for the head and then try to wing it from there! Somehow, it looks like that these guys have the image already in their head, and just begin drawing almost fully formed!

Interactive Battle Tournament (IBT)

@lordnigel is also another #teamaustralia member, and this is going to be a tricky one to describe. He has created a Steem-based RPG that runs over a week for multiple players! This is the Interactive Battle Tournament (IBT), and to do this he combines some nifty bots and his own writing style for some really enjoyable fun!

At the moment, the IBT is down for bot testing and development. So I'll provide some links to get a taster and to help describe it:

IBT Enrollment

IBT Instructions

IBT Bot testing

Wizards Betrayal - sample writing

IBT Testimonial, from a different person

Artwork and Sketches

While browsing through the #teamaustralia feed, I always see @scrawly pop up with amazing sketches! However, I've never been able to feature them due to the high REP. So this week, I'm seizing the opportunity to feature their artwork and blog. You can see the latest post here: Shinigami. If you get a chance, click through to the step-by-step that is hosted on Imgur (linked below the picture). It is always amazing to see how it all comes together!

Epic bonus post




This epic post of @dreemsteem is worthy of attention! Well, actually in the end the comment section is pretty cool!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord. Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio. Community Logo by ivan.atman

Steemit Bloggers
Join us @steemitbloggers
Animation By @zord189

Upgoats by ryivhnn
Account banner by jimramones


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Great entry as always! All bloggers have been upvoted...even the "mistake". Comments were pretty funny on that.

Thanks! And thanks again for the great contest!

Quality stuff as always! I have visited, commented and upvoted each of them. Thanks for participating in the #payitforward contest. Thanks for the continued support.

Thanks again for the support of the featured bloggers!

Both fun posts. I think I know a few people that will enjoy the game.

It is a really fun game when it is going! Keep an eye out!

The enrolments for IBT have been if you know someone who might be interested?

I've seen it, and kind of interested. No clue what it's about though.

I've seen it, and kind
Of interested. No clue
What it's about though.

                 - tryskele

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you @haikubot I guess I have been extra artistic today and didn't know it LOL

Ha ha, haiku has gotten me about 7 times in the past few weeks... I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Just join in, you learn as you go, it's fun! @lordnigel and @doughtaker help out with the game and bits if you are new! It's really a friendly game and players.

aaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you so much for featuring me, you are very kind <3

GOOD LUCK IN PIF <3 what a great drive and so awesome to see so many cool people participating <3 <3 <3

No problem! Thanks for the great art!

Thank you for the entry again this week @bengy! I love your choices as well as all of your edits haha Tells me you are a bit of a perfectionist :)

Haha, only online!

Now that's funny!

Thanks for supporting IBT @bengy and mentioning it here with some other greats. Enrolments have started :)

Cheers Nigel

Great! I will update this post to have the enrolment!

I think you also forgot to include a link to @veryspider post😊 but I managed to find it😉 because you include the pic. Another wonderful picks @bengy.. thank you

Ooops! Thanks for pointing that out! I had better fix that!

I think you need to take your eyes off of steemit for a few hours😉 we really need your good eyes, do you need some coffee? Hehehe.. just kidding😆 please take care of your health

Ha ha, I just need the toddler to stop waking up in the middle of the night! But I have afternoon sleeps when she does.

Send my kiss to the lovely and sweet toddler😘 thanks for sharing you with us

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