Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 6 entry

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This is my entry for the Pay it forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse.

I was going to post this on Wednesday (keeping close to the announcement), but as usual, things get away from me!




@lifeinblue (REP 49) describes herself as a pianist stick in between the two worlds of Jazz and Classical music. She is an accomplished pianist and a great composer! You can hear her original composition Tango neuvo Melancolia.


Writing a novel on Steemit!


So, this is a novel (boom boom!) use of the Steem blockchain by @viking-ventures (rep 48) . The idea to have an episodic novel, Friendship on Fire is one that is quite new to me. It wouldn't have crossed my mind to have done this. Anyway, this dbook is now up to it's 16th chapter and even has an accompanying lore. It is a romanance in a fantasy setting if you are interested!


General blogging


@mamajeani (rep 47) appears to be blogging a bit about everything. This is recent post about Market Day Preparations and Mama J's Peep Show!. It's a very chatty blog and makes the most mundane things quite interesting!


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Mene, Investment jewellery (5 dollars credit just for making the account).
Humble Bundle Monthly, PC games package every month! A version of Steemit that allows small accounts to use the Vote Slider! When they get a dark theme, I'll be there full time!
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Kucoin The people's exchange!

My musicoin artist page (tap on banner), come support your favourite music on the crypto-ecosystem!

One of the orchestras that I play in, specialising in Early Music. Click on the banner for the Steemit page, featuring music and various articles about music!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord.
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Nice for your to get in before the All featured blogs have been upvoted.

Yes, before the deadline seems to work better...

Thanks again. Actually, this is the penultimate section of Friendship on Fire - the final section will be posted tomorrow. Then, we go back to Rebound of Power, Iyva's story which wraps around Friendship on Fire and three other novellas (defined as a story in the 17000-40000 word range.) With dbooks, it will be so much easier to keep up and find each new chapter.

Another thing to the reader - is that I am offering a share of steem basic income to anyone (under about 100SP) who asks a question which prompts an "Ask the Author" post. (I would have included it in my post, but I'm not currently able to edit the dbooks posts without considerable annoyance - i.e. HTML tags)

A nice selection of bloggers! Very interesting use of steemit with the episodic novel!

Thanks! Yes, I was quite intrigued about the book idea.

Upvoted and commented on you featured post
thank you @bengy

Thanks for following up on the authors!

Thanks again for the entry @bengy! I've been following @viking-ventures novel recently, and am looking forward to checking out your other featured posts as well ;)

No problem! Getting your daily fix of romance novel reading?

haha that's funny. No, I think someone highlighted hers in another week's contest, and I've followed viking-ventures before, so I recognized it here :) Truthfully, romance novels aren't my most favorite genre, but the fact that she's writing a novel on here is very cool nonetheless.

Perhaps I should be asking you the same question? :)

Androids need love too!

Do you know the song by Dan Mangan, Robots ? You just made me think of it. Check it out if you don't :)

LOL! I didn't know it, but that video is hilarious!

haha right?! I do love the song though :)