Pay it forward Curation contest - Week 4 entry

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This is my entry for the Pay it forward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse.


My first choice is a blogger that I've known on Steemit for a few months. @tin-tin is a regular contributor to the Classical Music community and a general all round great author. I've just caught her on the brink of REP 50, so I hope it is still edible. This post on Music Education was her first post back after a bit of a holiday in real life with little internet connectivity. She still has the writing skills!


My second blogger reccomendation is @mardax (REP 49). This is a post that I came across whilst browsing through my many Discord channels, this one came via @gamersunited. It is a post about watching live streams of gaming. It is a phenomenon that completely eludes me, I would much rather play games than watch them, but it is something that has really taken off. Think of it like watching a sports game (which I would also find deathly boring!).

A Family!

My last recommendation (at REP 49), is a family that posts under the name @barski. I have found them via my weekly Idioms contest, where they are regular participants. I see that they are a family that posts great quality photos and music. It is interesting to see a family growing together on Steemit!


Referral links

Mene, Investment jewellery (5 dollars credit just for making the account).
Humble Bundle Monthly, PC games package every month! A version of Steemit that allows small accounts to use the Vote Slider! When they get a dark theme, I'll be there full time!
Swift A project to bring a basic income via cryptocurrency.
Mannabase, Universal income in the blockchain, 50% bonus in the first year if you use this referral.
Minnowbooster Bonus for the new account maker as well!
Coinbase, the biggest fiat on and off ramp.
Binance, the biggest crypto exchange.
Coinjar Fiat on ramp for Australia or UK!
Cryptopia, Lots of lesser known altcoins.
HitBTC Even more Altcoins!

My musicoin artist page (tap on banner), come support your favourite music on the crypto-ecosystem!

One of the orchestras that I play in, specialising in Early Music. Click on the banner for the Steemit page, featuring music and various articles about music!

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord.
Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio.
Follow our curation trail (classical-radio) at SteemAuto
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Proud kiddie member of the Alliance playground group!

Horizontal Rulers by cryptosharon
Team Australia footer by bearone


Thanks again for participating and supporting the #payitforward contest. I'm sincerely thankful and I enjoyed your entries. I have visited, commented and upvoted them all. Wish you all the best.

Thank you for supporting everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I have upvoted and commented on all of those you featured. Maybe go back to each of them and let them know about the bonus that @freedomshift is offering to those who join the contest who were previously featured. It's mentioned in the post and one of the top comments is a link to his blog with the info.

Sure thing! I will do it!

the idea of this photography is just awesome.

Thank you for the warm words! We are very pleased to read this!

Glad to support and pass on the good fortune!

Looked at and gave all an upvote . nice contestants

Thanks! They will be grateful for your support!