Pay it Forward - Week 53 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Lots of train travelling this week, means that I've got a bit more time to write posts... as long as there aren't too many connections... and if I can get a seat on the train! Oddly enough, I'm finding that I'm needing to travel during the peak hours of travel, which gives me a bit of an insight into the commuter life! The packed trains, the standing room only... the rush to grab any seating space! Fun!

However, this morning... I managed to snag a seat for myself... and as a bonus, it is a single seat so I don't have to worry about someone sitting next to me!


If your account name is @goat-girlz (REP 53), you would expect there to be at least a single post about goats... just like my account regularly posts about bengys.... Anyway, unlike my account, @goat-girlz delivers on expectations!

In this featured post, we meet Screech who was born in 2015. Goats definitely look much cuter than dogs... but are a distant second to cats! However, I've only just started noticing how weird their eyes are....

Drop by, for some really cute photos of a baby goat... and look forward to meeting the other 3 siblings in future posts!

Featured Post


@jacuzzi (REP 43) is a blogger who is self described as a Circus Owner and Operator... wow, if that isn't an instant follow then I don't know what is!

However, in this Featured Post we have @jacuzzi showing off skills that are slightly different to what you might expect from a circus owner. They seem to be pretty damn handy with a pencil and sketch book as well! With the excerpts from their sketchbook, we see a wide variety of interesting and beautifully drawn sketches and doodles.

Drop by and drink in the amazing sketches!

Featured Post

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Thanks for your entry, @bengy. I've just visited and left a comment on both entries.

Thank you for supporting them!

good picks.. Hope your commutes keep getting better like today getting the single seat.

Thanks... so far the commutes have been tolerable... I'd hate to do this every day though!


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