Pay it Forward Entry - Week 28

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

This evening sees me with two sick kids and a wife who needs a break... so, I'm going to keep this short and sweet, as I'm on the floor of the toddler's room and I don't know how much grace time I'm going to have before I get called into action by one or other of the girls!


My first featured author, @ryo-6414 (REP 52) is an anime artist who is creating his comic series (also with a translation for English). You can see some of his work at his post, Jingi- Episode2. I love the bold outlines and the style, however I haven't been following enough to catch the story, none the less, there is a pretty big backlog of posts for this project, so if you are interested you can catch up on the backstory.

That particular post is nearing payout, so if you miss it, there is also another post which is a little bit of writing and photos about Japanese history. Definitely also an interesting read and viewing!


@drawmeaship (REP 52) is a French and English bilingual blogger (also a fellow @teamaustralia member!) who has some interesting posts on food. This last post on coconut popcorn caught my eye, definitely something that I might try out on the kids... feeding them, not pan frying them... although, after this day of crankiness... I'm tempted!

OKAY, signing out quickly whilst I can still hear snoring!

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Keep up the great work. The Pifc is a great initiative.

It definitely is! Thanks for supporting the featured bloggers!

Thanks for the entry. Both have been upvoted!

Thanks again for the contest, and for supporting them!

when I saw the second fetaured blogger.. something come up in my mind.. "hey this not so @bengy" haaa.. you love that popcorns too.. LOL, supported your featured bloggers and really enjoy to read them both!

My kids love popcorn... But yes, I love eating them too! So it's nice to have a new twist on the popcorn formula!

Interesting picks, @bengy!

Great choices again this week. Have upvoted both.

Thank you for supporting them!

I have visited and supported both of your featured authors. The second article of the first author appeals more to me so that is what I upvoted and commented on.

Thanks for supporting them both! Glad you found the other post more to your taste!

You're welcome.

Thanks for some great pics @bengy; I really appreciate your continued support too. I know you've got plenty going on!

...and how clever to use coconut oil to pop the popcorn!

Yes, is there no problem that coconut oil can't fix! Thanks for dropping around and supporting the featured bloggers!

coconut oil or apple cider vinegar ... that's all you need in the kitchen and medicine cabinet apparently! :)

This morning I did make banana pancakes with a bit of cinnamon, and used coconut oil in the pan. Mmm mmmm good!

I went to check them both out and gave them both a upvote good picks.

Thanks for supporting them!

Hello thank you for your support did you try out the recipe?it is my daughter's favorite snack:) good luck for the contest.

I haven't tried it out yet, but it is now school holidays over here, so I might give it a try!

Upvoted where I could and commented. Brilliant as usual @bengy!

Ta, thanks for supporting them!

nice choices, @bengy
I like your first choice the best.

Thanks, and thank for supporting them!

Nice ones! Heb ze allebei C+ V 👍

Bedankt voor lezen en de S voor de featured B!

Wow Thank you!! I'm glad!
My manga project has just begun.
So I'm still officially posting only the first episode…others all process post😅

If you want to see my manga, you can see in this post!
-Jingi- first episode

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Thanks, I will check it out later! And thanks for the interesting work!

Oh, I know what you mean by sneaking whilst you still hear snoring. I have an eight-month baby and his one-hour afternoon sleep is the only time I can steal for Steemit :D I always try to hold my breath, just to keep him sleeping a little more :D It has worked once or twice :)

Both bloggers were visited and upvoted :D

Thanks for supporting the featured bloggers! Funnily enough, on the way out (I'm usually a ninja), I managed to have walked into a toy and knocked a whole heap of stuff over... made a racket, but she didn't wake up!

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