Pay It Forward Entry - Week 19

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

There are some weeks when I am actively hunting around for people to feature (always trying to keep an eye out for authors that haven't had much exposure yet, and not been on the platform for a long time), and other times they just happen to fall in my lap. I think that is called serendipity?

Well, this week, as I'm finishing up the day waiting for my toddler to fall asleep, it is pretty much the second option! Both my featured authors this evening just happened to pop up as I was browsing the Discord (those #post-promotion channels where people normally just link dump and run) servers for something interesting!

Digital Art

My first featured blogger is the digital artist @maya525 (REP 48), who appears to be a teenager who is doing some really interesting digital art armed only with the "ibispaint" app on an iPhone (and sometimes a borrowed Ipad). If you ask me, the sheer fact that @maya525 can create such great looking artwork on a phone screen (or sometimes a tablet sized screen) is completely mind-blowing to me! They have a distinct art style (if you look at other previous posts), with a preference for lots of pink and purple and a certain... glowiness?

The post that caught my attention was this My Head Feels Like a Rollercoaster Digital Art. As usual with art style posts, I do enjoy a step by step, which was included along with some narrative on the thoughts during the creation of the artwork. Superb work from a young and very talented digital artist!

Analogue Art

Well, I got lucky and was able to match an "analogue" piece of art with the "digital"! Funny how these things work out, but it does mean that there is no music for this week! @kleonella (REP 54) is an artist that paints with oils. When I first saw this painting of a ship in a storm, I could have accidentally mixed it up with something that might have belonged in a museum! It really is that good...

Like all my featured art posts, there is a step by step, which involves first a sketch with pencil, before layering on the oil paints. The end results is really quite stunning, and it really does convey (for me at least) the motion of the ship in the heaving seas heading towards a brighter future!

Round up

So two artistic posts this week that are almost opposite end of every possible spectrum (apart from quality!). One is bright and digitally created, almost a fantasy or dream setting... the other being much darker and traditionally created, with a very real setting! I was lucky to have stumbled across both of them in such quick succession, thanks to both of you!

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The posts you selected truly have created very nice Art and wonderful post to explain it. Great job selecting them.

Thanks and thank you supporting the featured bloggers!

Was expecting music, but your appreciation for the arts is well rounded sir. Thank you for your entry and as always I enjoyed them.

Ha, no music this week! These guys just fell in my lap in the hours before writing the post! So I get to keep some other access up my sleeve for later hopefully they don't grow rep too fast...

Hey sorry I'm running behind. I was able to comment, but not upvote :( Good job, enjoyed both entries.

No worries, a comment is worth more than a vote!

You found some great artists for your feature this time! I have paid my visits to both. I really love looking at all the art on Steemit.

Thanks for supporting them! Visual art is currently one of the better fits for the Steem platform, music sadly doesn't work quite so well...

Yes I have noticed the same thing. Seems that musicians who make their own videos do alright. I think in future we will see more collaborating. It is hard to perform and have all the skills for production. The few people I know who have both covered sure aren't having time for Steemit.

Thanks for another great entry @bengy! No music, but this art is a wonderful substitute :) I'm not familiar with your digital artist, but I'm a huge fan of your "analog" one lol I'm off to have a look at them now :)

Lol! There is no substitute for music... But pictures will do....

No bias here!

hahaha of course you're not biased @bengy 😎

Indeed the two entries are of the opposite ends especially in the IT terminolog. One is analog and the other one is digital.

It looks like you also have the eyes for great artwork. Good choices there. I have visited and supported both bloggers.

Thanks for that haha ^^

You're welcome. 😊

Thanks for visiting and supporting them! I was lucky to see these two quite quickly this week!

You're welcome.

Lucky you! I am sure there will still be many out there who are worth featuring. 😊

Ofm Ga- tha NkYou so much omgg, I'm so glad to stumbled upon you haha 😂 thankyou so much!! You did a great job describing both mine and kleos part. I mean opposites attract right? 👀👀

No problem, thank you for the lovely art and the engaging commentary!

It is interesting how different your two styles are!

Hello @bengy
I have visited both your entries.
Both are amazing pick ups.
Its great you didnt miss any week.

Thank you and thanks for supporting the two featured bloggers!

Great findings, @benjy! I've supported them both... and I'm now following them, too!

Thanks! And happy that you liked them enough to follow!

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