Pay it Forward - Week 59 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

This week, I had a nice surprise when I read the new changes to the @pifc contest properly! I had only read that it was only a max $1 reward pay out... but it was also a raising of the REP cap to 65! Okay... that bit might have happened a while ago and I was too zombie from lack of sleep to notice it properly!

However, this week I still have two lower REP bloggers... but I have started to extend my saved list of bloggers to include under 65s as well... although, I still can't feature myself...

Photography (and more!)

The first blogger I would like to feature is @qwerrie (REP 51) who describes herself(?) as an old fallout vault dweller! Oh, you've got me with that byline! I'm a huge fallout fan from ages back... so, welcome back to the wastelands vault dweller!

In this featured post we have some very beautiful black and white photos with some ancient ruins, well the artifacts from ruins. The black and white really accentuates the stone artifacts really well... it's a great blog to follow if you are interested in photography.

However, it was also this comment to a contest question of mine that really grabbed my attention... however, I'm totally sure if I can feature a comment... but it is really worth a read if you are interested, it is a harkening back to the Proof-of-Brain responses in the early days of Steem (something that I wasn't around for, but is a bit of a rose tinted memory of the older members of this chain!)

Featured Post

Featured Comment

Ontario Gems

The blog of @fonteynb (REP 48) is a blog that features the sights and nature around Ontario. There are some beautiful photography of nature that I find to be very relaxing to look at. Sadly, the closest I've ever been to Ontario is Toronto... and that for me was the biggest city that I've seen... so nothing like these photos. However, I remember a favourite primary school teacher that hailed from Ontario... so there is some connection, however distant... although, my podcast is right now featuring an engineer talking about wind turbines from Ontario.... weird!

Anyway, in this featured post you can feast your eyes on a beautiful setting sun over Lake Huron. There is something incredibly settling about the colours of a sunset... I've been told that the specific wavelengths of the light triggers some sort of Lithium (?) response... which gives us this sort of ease feeling... Double check that though, I can't remember if I'm remembering that right!

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Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 59 is confirmed.

Ta, thanks for supporting them!

Thank you for the entry @bengy! I really enjoyed both selections this week; I didn't know those "things" were called mascarons :) and being from Ontario myself originally, that photo brought back some great memories.

My pleasure! You knew the places in Ontario? Thanks for supporting the bloggers!

Yes, I'm from Ontario originally and that was always a great camping spot in University ... so I remember it fondly, albeit a wee bit blurry :)

Thanks for your nice review of my blog

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My pleasure! Thanks for the great photos!

Ah.. so many cool things on steem I'm not doing. Is the pif curation contest weekly?

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Yes, once a week from Monday! It's a great way to showcase smaller accounts, it can be hard to get traction here!

Lol! @qwerrie is pretty popular. Last week I wanted to feature him, but someone had already done so (I think it was @brittandjosie) and this week it was you :0)

Anyway, paid both a visit!

Good reason to be popular! Anyway, thanks for supporting them!

Good reason to be
Popular! Anyway, thanks
For supporting them!

                 - bengy

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Fun entry. I really enjoyed the mascarons. In your other selection, the photo is beautiful, but the text is rather short/lacking. Well short of the 200 words we asked for. I'm glad to see you still entering.

Ack... I wasn't thinking about the text limit! Oh well, thanks anyway for supporting them!

lol - Yeah, sometimes that gets away from us. At least there was some text.