Pay it Forward Entry - Week 26

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

First things first.... write a Title... then do the tags... before writing the post. Hopefully, this will break my streak with the Pay It Forward Entries having posted to the Steem chain with either no tags or no title!


My first featured bloggers is @marzukie weighing at REP 55 (I could have sworn that was 54 earlier, but I'm getting slow in my old age...). @marzukie posts some nice photos shot from their phone, but what is impressive about this post is that they have taken a photo from a previous posting and drawn a surreal piece of art that has the original photo as it's basis!

You can see the transformation from the original photo to the surreal art in the post itself.


@a0i (REP 40) posts mostly photography shots, ranging from these shot of Japanese dancers through to a series on Prism photography. In addition there are also photos of the moon and also of the landscape of forests.

I find the photos to be bright and vivid and a pleasure to look at! There isn't so much accompanying text to go with the posts, but I think that the shots are quite enough to stand by themselves!

Minnow Support Nomination

@dollarsandsense (SP 192) is my one and only nomination at this time. He is a regular poster of high quality serious posts and comedy mic entries. A regular father and apparently a lover of the Ogre series of games, all things that I can relate to. I think that he would be a person that is worthy of minnow support programme as he has all the posting and commenting qualities in place already, he just needs a hand up help boost his SP. I have no doubt that when he gets to the point, he will be able to help others in return!

My past entries

I'm going to keep a record of my past entries mostly for my own ease of finding them again!

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Upgoats by ryivhnn
Account banner by jimramones

The classical music community at #classical-music and Discord. Follow our community accounts @classical-music and @classical-radio. Community Logo by ivan.atman



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I have visited your entries. Love that they are both so bright and colorful.

Thanks for supporting them!

I really like that you nominated @dollarsandsense. He definitely deserves it.
To be honest, I didn't get the post from your first blogger, and I would have loved to have a little more background info about those Japanese dancers in Montreal.

Previous to the post that I featured, they had taken a photo of a sunset. They then used that as the basis for the artwork.

Anyway, thanks for supporting them and @pifc!

Dropping by and supporting your post @bengy. Unfortunately, I have very limited time at the moment, so upvoted them, before the pay-out expired.

Hope to be able to come back later and comment on their work!

No problem! Thanks for supporting them!

I supported all of your featured bloggers. Your picks are very good. I think you like art.

Thanks for supporting them!

Thanks @bengy, that’s very kind of you to nominate me!

No problem! You are worth backing!

Thanks for your entry. Both bloggers have been upvoted.

Thanks for supporting them!

I went and check them both out. That first one has a amazing drawling for sure.

Thanks for supporting them!

First things first.... write a Title... then do the tags... before writing the post. Hopefully, this will break my streak with the Pay It Forward Entries having posted to the Steem chain with either no tags or no title!

Love this phrase and need to comment on it 😂😂 I'm going to check on the featured bloggers after this 😊 title for tittle right😂 how's the toddler? Hope that she already has the good scheduled sleeping.

I'll be right back 😆

Toddler wasn't going to sleep.... I wrote that entire post whilst sitting on the floor waiting for her to drop off...

😂😂😂 that's really cool 😂 you gonna miss that time later when she grow up next year. I have checked on your featured bloggers and I give my 100% support for the optional bloggers 👆. We need more fresh and funny man here on steemit to stop worrying about the rc and mana for the newbies😊

bek teuwo syit dukungan keu loen 100% @cicisaja ...😋😁😂

Jinou 50 dilee beuh😊 preih punoh lom, posting lom nyang hayeu.. bah loen jok 100%

kabereh,, nyo ngen droneuh pasti meulepah lagak lon peuget @cicisaja ... trims trims

Ha ha... I'm not going to miss trying to get her to sleep! This afternoon was a couple hours of fierce crying resistance... I'll be super happy when both of them go to school.!

This afternoon was a couple hours of fierce crying resistance..

😂😂😂 ROFL.. I wish I'd never knew how spectacular the show was.

Hey @bengy commented and upvote as usual :) Some really good finds.

Thanks for supporting them!

Once again I am very grateful that @bengy has brought me here with your curation and has nominated me ...

No problem, thanks for the good work!

I am honoured, thanks for sharing my photos it gives encouragement!

No worries, thanks for the great work!

Good entry! I've supported both of your bloggers.
Good nomination too.

Thanks for helping them out!

Thank you so much for your entry @bengy; these both look like great choices :) Good idea with dollarsandsense too!

He's a great guy! I hope he gets the support!

howdy sir bengy! hey these are very good and interesting nominations and I salute you for helping so many people sir bengy!

We all play our part! We all remember the struggle when our accounts were smaller...

howdy today sir bengy! yes sir that's what it takes I think. It shouldn't be quite this hard in some ways but that's the situation. I did sp delegations to two small accounts to keep them going and I hope it will help them grow.

Good job! I'm sure they will appreciate the added help to keep back the rc limiting!

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