Pay it Forward - Week 79 Entry

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Well... sorry to disappoint everyone for this week... no #nsfw posts for this curation round! So, some posts in the less exciting but equally interesting parts of STEEM!

This week I have two bloggers who write posts in both English and their native languages... quite impressive if you ask me! If I tried to write a post in Dutch, I would sound like a complete idiot and it would take me a day to write 500 words...

@stefenne (REP 55) has a love for many things of an Asian origin... in fact, in a recent post they talk about their love for bubble tea... and that apparently I'm a heartless monster because I don't like bubble tea... Sigh... I knew there was a reason why I felt so cold and empty inside!

Anyway, off track... their love of Asian culture also extends to Asian styles of zombies... their primary difference to the stereotypical Western zombie is that they move fast... not the sluggy zombies from our Western culture... personally, I find that to be quite terrifying.... I'll stick to slow zombies thanks!

Anyway, in this featured post... they review the Korean zombie movie "Train to Busan". It's a decent review... but I'm a chicken... I won't be watching it!

Featured Post

There are old school retro gamers... and then there are people who like to leave the past in the past with rose tinted goggles. I'm of the latter camp... I won't go back to play old games, preferring my fond memories of the past... however, @camilox (REP 57) does revisit the past in their gaming and reviews...

In this featured post @camilox reviews a really old Playstation 2 game called Area 51. When I was growing up, I was a Nintendo kid.... well, moreof a PC gamer... but if I had to pick a console, that was what we had at home! Anyway, @camilox takes us down memory lane to see this game... it appears that he still likes it!

Featured Post

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I have watched train to Busan. Ah, I don't like the ending. Well, I guess it's all about sacrifice. But it was good experience. I think you should watch it.

I don't know... I get scared pretty easily!


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 79 is confirmed.

Thanks and thank you for supporting them!

Everyone has been supported. Great job as usual! I love it when you get a gamer in there.

Gamers are the best people!... except for those horrible ones... thanks for supporting them!

runs off to see the bit of porn from last week's post...
(Actually, that was amazing!)

Back to this week.
I've supported both of your bloggers. Thanks for the entry!

Haha... it was a bit of a left field entry... but hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for supporting this week's guys!