Pay It Forward Entry - Week 13

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This is my entry for Week 13 of the Pay it Foward Curation contest by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

EDIT: I added a EXTRA extra blogger. I found someone that was too good to not include somewhere!

Reading back on the last curation post, I see that I was suffering under a pretty annoying project... Hmmm, the benefit of a short memory! Anyway, today I find myself playing a similar repertoir, but with a very very different orchestra and director. Ahhhhh, it is such bliss in comparison!

Gaming related artwork

@jdoesstuff (REP 31) is an artist that is also a gamer. His blog is a mix of gaming streams (which are just beginning), and computer graphical artwork. There is also some real life artwork (craftwork), but none that have been posted recently. The post that caught my attention is the Computer Graphic, which is quite close to payout (5 days), hopefully he will put out something else in the next few days that isn't a gaming stream.


Underneath the Magic Trickster


@tomista (REP 50) is a blogger that was more active in the early days of the @classical-radio account, when I first began trying to assist with the @classical-music community. For some reason, he dropped off the Steemit radar for a couple of months, but has just recently returned with a great completion of his series about writing and performing a new composition. I was really happy to have sent his post off to several curation channels under the guise of a curator for @classical-radio.

Birth of a new composition (part3) -ETHEREUM

Artist-based optional blogger

@scrawly (REP 55) is an artist whose works I keep seeing pop up in the #teamaustralia tag and each time I think I'm going to feature their work, and then I have to think again because their REP is over 50. So, this week, with no REP limitation on the optional third blogger, I'm able to present the art of a fellow Australian, who makes some amazing sketches!

This particular post is a particularly interesting one, as it required @scrawly to imitate the artistic style of a different artist! As a musician, I can appreciate how difficult that would be to do!


EDIT: I think I made a mistake, the Medusa is by @scrawly in their own style. Iron Maidens: Morning Star is the imitation post.


@rodrigo98 [REP 25] is a past student from a previous blogger that I have featured (@mayneth). Just listen to this, there is nothing much to say.

Acuarela do Brasil

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Steemit Bloggers
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Animation By @zord189

Upgoats by ryivhnn
Account banner by jimramones



Upvoted all the posts, well the second one I had already voted on ;) . Also did both of @scrawly's posts you linked to.

Just an FYI, the first one was a little weak on content, that is we are shooting for 200 words of content with a photo. Just try and watch for that going forward.

Ah okay, I'll keep an eye out on that for next time!

I added an extra bonus blogger that I couldn't resist featuring! He is really new, and quite amazing... I want to catch him before anyone else does!

I tossed on a 5 cent vote for the extra blogger. Have a 2 minimum, no maximum if you have time and quality people let me know and I'll upvote them.

Thank you again bengy, you're so sweet writing about me 🤗.

No problem! Thanks for the great sketches!

Thanks for your continued participation @bengy. Great stuff as usual. Visited, commented and upvoted.

Ta, and thanks for the support!

Commented and upvoted your features. I know it's getting harder to find good people. You always pull through. Thank you for your participation and continued support.

It is getting trickier to find good people with the lower crypto prices. On the other hand there are less bots and plagiarists for the same reason!

@bengy that has been the best part. I have to say it's been nice to make a post and not get 20 spammers following me immediately. The part I am not liking people should not slack on their quality and I see that happening. Throw up a picture...'The Beach' Where is this beach? Why were you there? What was is a memory about that beach or that day. I'm almost tempted to start asking those questions. Why should I comment and possibly upvote you if you don't work for it LOL

BTW the post you did with the're playing is fantastic. One of the things lost here in the US has been music programs. I think my generation is the last one to actually have any sort of music program in grade school. I played the violin for 2 yrs and then let my friend talk me into the flute (big mistake, I was very small in stature at that age) My violin fit me were flutes, aren't made different sizes. (To anyone that says there's a piccolo, it's different it's not a flute) I was average for a kid. To this day though, my favorite song I learned to play was Fiddler on The Roof, even though I might be able to play the first 5-10 notes 😱

oh no @bengy, I missed all your featured bloggers' posts except the last one. Love them all and thank you for your picks. I like the Medusa by @scrawly so much!

Thank you for supporting them! Glad you enjoyed!

Hi @bengy - I've supported your selections.

Thank you!

You are most welcome!

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