Pay it Forward Entry - Week 42

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Well, due to an unfortunate discovery during the week, I've been a bit more focussed on the anti-curation front this week. Namely, hunting down plagiarists and spammers and collecting bounties on them. I know that @steemcleaners and other flagging operations can occupy a bit of a contentious position with regards to some Steemians, but I do support their activities as I do think that the abuse that they try to counter is really quite detrimental to the STEEM chain as a whole.

Anyway, I digress... on to the more positive aspects of our interactions here on STEEM!

Crypto but NOT crypto!

With a name like @abitcoinskeptic (REP 55), you would rightly expect that you would be reading a blog of either market technical analysis or blind shilling about random coins. However, what do get from this blog is an unexpected surprise!

In this latest post, @abitcoinskeptic writes about his aquarium and his little family of fishes and minnows that make their home there. It is a pleasant read, and their style of writing is quite conversational and engaging. Great blog to follow to have a bit of a pleasant read!

If fish are not your cup of tea, there are also cooking posts or Crypto posts. Please note that these are close or past payout, so vote accordingly!

Life on a farm

One of the best things about Steem in comparison to Facebook or other social platforms is the fact that I get to read about different people's lives, and things that I would not normally find in my daily routine (My Facebook feed is mostly stuffed with musicians doing a good chunk of self-promotion and humble bragging...). So, @andiekins (REP 43) presents a window into a life that I have no concept of, that of being a farmer's wife!

It appears that she has made a sea change, as she describes in the featured post and has traded her city life for one of that on the farm. It is a trade off of various advantages and disadvantages, and it takes a brave and committed family to take the jump together! Anyway, the post is also a great read, and a nice insight into a different life!

My past entries

I'm going to keep a record of my past entries mostly for my own ease of finding them again!

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The food looks nice

It does, you should drop by her blog and tell her!

great job tracking your blogs and curation.

Thanks! I need to also spend a bit more time on the anti-curation...

Great features, i know 1 already , but not the blog and the other learned me frog care, @bengy what would i do without you.....
Upvoted you another two bloggers featured offcourse

No knowledge is ever too abstract! Thanks for supporting them!

What would i do without my frog care knowledge

Thanks. I still need to work on my post tags ;p
I will have to look into the curation contests. I like finding good reads as much as writing. Good work on downvoting spammers. It takes courage, but it's importance and function is clearly outlined in the Steem whitepaper.

Ha, I'm not that courageous! I've only broke out the flag once off twice in the past. Normally, I report to Steemcleaners, it is best to keep a third party distance as some of these scanners have large rings of accounts, or are backed by an unseen large account.

Anyway, the anti-curation is of equal importance as the normal curation!

Using a 3rd party service is a great idea actually. I am usually too nervous to downvote. Usually, I'll sleep on it since there is no need to hurry curation wise, then decide it was more me being bitter than them deserving a downvote. I do appreciate that this community seems more open towards it than some other places where it isn't possible or it is highly frowned upon.

Excellent choices, as always, @bengy! And I agree - while I stumbled across anyone recently (mostly because I haven't had as much time at my keyboard lately), I've passed along more than a few reports to SC. They definitely help bring some needed balance to the community.

Yes, it's sad... But the anti-curation is just as important. Good that Steemcleaners offer some incentive to do it.


Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 42 is confirmed.

Ta, and thanks for supporting them!

Nice entries, @bengy! Just visited and commented on both. :-)

I'd like to ask you to participate in my Art Curation Initiative #8

Thank you for supporting them!

Heading over to check them out now.

Thanks for supporting them!

Thank you so much for the recognition!!

No problem! Thanks for the great blog!

Features have been supported!!

Thanks for helping them out!