Pay it Forward Entry - Week 27

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This is my submission for the Pay it forward Curation contest run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Well, this is an interesting way to pass the time whilst sitting on a bus on the way to Germany. Searching for some new authors and then writing up a nice little post for Pay it Forward. Pity it’s going to chew up my mobile data though, not sure why, but Steeming really seems to do that for some reason.


My first recommendation for the contest is a fellow @teamaustralia blogger by the name @samryan (REP 45). Blogging mostly about travels both within Australia and overseas, their blog page is full of lovely photos but also interesting accompanying text.

This particular post about the Cathedral of Flamenco Art is the one that I chose to feature. It has great photos, but it does contain an interesting life lesson, to go beyond the comfortable and to try new things. Good advice when you are travelling, but also pertinent advice for life in general!


My next featured blogger is @thilah (REP 54), who produces original artwork with a bit of a cartoon feel to it. For this particular featured post, they have done a Speedpaint of the Lemon Boys.

Bright colours make it a very pleasing piece of work to look at. Apparently, it is of Tweek and Craig from South Park... but I'm afraid that I don't really see it. None the less, it is still a great piece of art that I'm happy to feature!

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I am glad you are putting your data to such good use :) I am off to see your picks right now.

Thanks for supporting them! It's been easier since the EU forced the telcos to allow us to have our data allowance available all over the continent regardless of country!

As always thanks for the entry and both bloggers have been upvoted. Hope we didn't eat up to much of your

Thanks! All in a good cause!

26 weeks out of 27 running!!
zo jij bent goed bezig!
I visited both off thr entries and commented snd upvoted them. Have a great weekend , het is nog mooi weer 😉

Ha, ook lekker weer in Duitsland! Ik heb 27 van 27! Dit is nummer 27, he he!

Thanks for supporting the featured bloggers!

Oh ja tuurlijk and a sponsor @bengy you rock!

And you should enter this one in the googly eyes contest 😂😂😂

It's not my photo, so I can't! But I have one lurking around on my phone somewhere!

Go lurk and enter its a really funny thing I do it with the boys it makes them laugh

howdy sir bengy! thanks for doing this and shining a light on those quality posters! great job sir.

No problem, it is a nice way to give back!

Thanks again for featuring my post!

No worries, thanks for the good work!

Many thanks, both are interesting entries!

These guys are pretty good, glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for supporting them!

if I want to enjoy arts, I must go find @bengy posts, that's what I said to myself... and never fails to enjoy the featured bloggers from your entry post. supported both of them.. that flamenco story really cool. Thanks for finding them for us even in your tight schedule of travelling.

No problem, glad you like my curation posts! Thank you for supporting the two bloggers!

Thanks for featuring my post.

No worries! Thanks for the great work!

Thank you for the entry @bengy! I think it's all the photos that eats up the data by the way. Man, you really travel a lot, don't you? Do you ever tire of it, or more importantly, does your wife? :)

Oddly enough, I am really a homebody! I love being at home.... So, I like the peace and quiet and the chance to get my me time! I think my wife is really happy for when I get back, it definitely is rough on her. She always takes the opportunity to get her relaxation and yoga time. A couple of times, she's taken a short weekend holiday, but sometimes I have to persuade her that she should... Definitely less fun when I pick up work whilst I'm away, so the return date gets set back...

Yes, it definitely is the photos, it doesn't seem to be well optimised for photos especially if they are uploaded at full resolution!

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Great job again @bengy. Commented on both but since I am running behind so I wasn't able to upvote.

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